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Methew Smith

CPR Certification Training - 0 views


bls certification cpr renewal class for healthcare providers provider

started by Methew Smith on 16 Apr 14 no follow-up yet
Lisa Jones

Save Links and Notes Through Email - 1 views

I think this feature is great.It allows us to email our links and notes directly into our Diigo library when using a mobile app. The easier and more advanced ways that we can do this, will make our...

web 2.0

started by Lisa Jones on 01 Feb 14 no follow-up yet
Giani Barraza

Increase targeted likes on facebook easy way - 0 views

Hi friends, Do you want to increase your facebook likes today. I want to show you easy way for increase facebook targeted likes easily. Please visit this site for learn more how to start increasi...

information fluency web 2.0 blended learning e-learning health ed

started by Giani Barraza on 13 Dec 13 no follow-up yet
Kelly Anne Costello

Gamification in Education (K-12) - 0 views

I've created a ScoopIt site with many interesting articles on gamification in education. Check it out!

Gamification elearning online learning

started by Kelly Anne Costello on 17 Nov 13 no follow-up yet

Interactive Literature - 7 views

My goal is to create an interactive classroom in literature. Check out some articles I have posted to and please feel free to give me suggestions if you have any.

literature interactive technology

started by smaulding on 14 Nov 13 no follow-up yet

Emotions and Technology - 0 views


emotions technology elearning games online education simulations web 2.0 blended learning

started by stettegah on 09 Nov 13 no follow-up yet

BYOD-Scoop it link - 3 views

Helpful information on BYOD and implementing BYOD policies within your classroom/district

BYOD k-12

started by dlmorris on 26 Oct 13 no follow-up yet
Scott Carey

GE Predix MicroApps as a model for educational software development - 2 views

apps microapps GE educational software e-learning

started by Scott Carey on 21 Oct 13 no follow-up yet
Melanie Tikalsky

Web 2.0 Assignment - 1 views

started by Melanie Tikalsky on 27 Sep 13 no follow-up yet
Scott Carey

More Web 2.0 tools - 2 views Here is another site for web 2.0 tools. Here is an excert from the site for language tools. Language Learning Tools Babbel - Interactive online la...

started by Scott Carey on 26 Sep 13 no follow-up yet
Scott Carey

Web 2.0 tools - 4 views

Here is a link for Web 2.0 tools. As a part of an assignement I was asked to become familiar with Web 2.0 and post about it. I wa...

web 2.0 tools

started by Scott Carey on 26 Sep 13 no follow-up yet
Jen Giesking

Six Principles of effective e learning by Ruth Clark - 9 views

Dr. Clark, a specialist in Instructional design and technical training with a doctorate degree from The University of Southern California, suggests six media element principles to enhance your e-le...

http:__www.learningsolutionsmag.com_articles_384_six-principles-of-effective-e-learning-what-works-and-why_page2 e-learning

started by Jen Giesking on 21 Sep 13 no follow-up yet
Julie Council

Promoting Formative Assessment in Online Learning - 4 views

Boboc, M. & Vonderwell, S.K. (2013). Promoting formative assessment in online teaching and learning. Tech Trends: Linking Research and Practice to Improve Learning, May, 57(4), p. 22-27. The auth...


started by Julie Council on 15 Jun 13 no follow-up yet
Barb Jacobson

Applying Learning Theories to Online Instructional Design - Annotation - 0 views

Patsula, P. J. (1999). Applying learning theories to online instructional design. Retrieved from This tu...

e-learning instructional design

started by Barb Jacobson on 11 Jun 13 no follow-up yet
Wilfie As wilfie

civic - 1 views

Citizenship is membership of a person in control of a particular political unit (in particular: state) which brings with it the right to participate in political activities. Someone with such a mem...

started by Wilfie As wilfie on 29 Apr 13 no follow-up yet
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