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Contents contributed and discussions participated by Tricia Rohloff

Tricia Rohloff

Online Professional Learning Communities | - 4 views

    • Tricia Rohloff
      Great visual
    Learn about PLC's - what are they, research into them, and how to create your own
Tricia Rohloff

Professional Learning Community Resources - ASCD - 0 views

    Professional Learning Community Resources
Tricia Rohloff

PLTbook.indb - Facilitator's Guide to Professional Learning Teams.pdf - 0 views

    Facilitators Guide to Professional Learning Communities
Tricia Rohloff

proflearning.pdf - 0 views

    Professional Learning Communities: Benefits and characteristics
Tricia Rohloff

Professional Learning Community Definition - The Glossary of Education Reform - 0 views

  • Professional learning communities tend serve to two broad purposes:
  • (1) improving the skills and knowledge of educators
  • (2) improving the educational aspirations, achievement, and attainment of students through stronger leadership and teaching
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  • teams are often built around shared roles or responsibilities
  • munities
  • learning
  • Professional learning com
    • Tricia Rohloff
      Do PLC need to be contained to one school or can teachers in various schools for a PLC?
  • designed to reduce professional isolation, foster greater faculty collaboration, and spread the expertise and insights of individual teachers throughout a school.
  • Teachers will likely meet regularly
  • and work together to improve and diversify their instructional techniques
  • Time for meetings is often scheduled during the school day
  • work toward common goals and expectations that are agreed upon in advance
  • Meeting procedures are commonly guided by norms
  • Meetings are often coordinated and run by teachers who have been trained in group-facilitation strategies
  • foster and promote a wide variety of positive professional interactions and practices among teachers in a school
    Definition of Professional Learning Communities
Tricia Rohloff

Online Quiz and Test Taking Strategies | Mindflash - 0 views

  • College
  • Students should work on creating flashcards, mnemonic devices, and practice writing essay question
    • Tricia Rohloff
      Links to ideas
    Tips for studying for standardized tests.
Tricia Rohloff

MTLE Test-Taking Strategies - 0 views

  • The best preparation for the MTLE is to have studied consistently throughout your time in college
  • Each test consists of two or three subtests.
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