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Contents contributed and discussions participated by Jennifer Fyllingness

Jennifer Fyllingness

Google Custom Search - Small Tourism Businesses - 4 views

    This is my custom search engine that I created for EDUC 760 eLearning for Educators. It focuses on small tourism businesses and their use of the internet as a training tool.
Jennifer Fyllingness

WizIQ Blog: Using WiZiQ - 0 views

  • The Des Moines Area Community Colleges to start using the WizIQ Virtual Classroom this fall
  • Community colleges are at the forefront of continuing and higher education and are absolutely key to expanding cost effective access to skills and knowledge nationwide.
  • the communities they serve reach into very rural areas with long travel times to campus, making effective distance education much more important.
Jennifer Fyllingness

Work together in real time with Prezi Meeting! - Blog - 0 views

  • You can now work together in real time on the same prezi! With Prezi Meeting, teams can collaborate live or simply present prezis with up to 10 people in a prezi at one time.
  • Great addition. This will really help educators because teachers and students who are experts will be able to assist those that are novices in real time.
Jennifer Fyllingness

Prezi Meeting | Prezi - 0 views

  • Prezi Meeting is included with all Prezi licenses. It allows you to edit, create, and show prezis with others in real time.
Jennifer Fyllingness

Online teaching tools and resources for teachers on WizIQ - 0 views

    • Jennifer Fyllingness
      This is something we could possibly use in Admissions as a recruitment tool.
  • ings or recorded classes. All through an easy-to-use interface.
  • e virtual classroom, student recruitment
  • ...10 more annotations...
  • ools, and payment collection mechanisms
  • Deliver engaging classes live or recorded Teach and collabo
  • rate from any distance and any time with WizIQ Virtual Classroom. Deliver interactive, engaging course content to students via live synchronous me
  • Tools includ
  • Easily publish, share and distribute
  • courseware in any standard format
  • Publish courseware in any format to the WizIQ content library, then share it in your virtual classroom or distribute it directly to students. It's a perfect solution for courseware containing PowerPoint presentations, PDFs, Word documents, videos from YouTube and/or multimedia content from the web. What’s more, you can
  • continuously monitor content usage and update your library.
  • Manage your courses with notifications and reporting WizIQ automatically sends notifications to students when new content, classes, or assessments are added to their courses. Two hours before class, WizIQ also sends email reminders so students don’t forget to attend. Later you can check the attendance report and share the class recording with students who couldn't make it.
  • Easy-to-use for any number of attendees without the hassle of downloading software. WizIQ works using Flash technology with a familiar browser-like tabbed interface and standard
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