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90 Twitter Tools Teachers Should Know about ~ Educational Technology and Mobile Learni... - 4 views

    I honestly had no clue that Twitter had so many apps and that it could successfully be used in the classroom. I am impressed. I will definitely be using some of these.
islandlibrary The Twitter Experiment - Bringing Twitter to the Classroom at UT Dallas - 0 views

    Bring twitter to the classroom, can you believe it?

Reflection on 4/15 Class: Twitter for Librarians | SI 643 Reflections: Professional Pra... - 0 views

    Pros and Cons of Twitter
Jan Bontz

Edmodo | Home - 0 views

  • HACCP Refresher Course Filter posts by Alerts Assignments Feeds Polls Quizzes Recent Replies Most Recently Posted• Coming Due
  • NoteAlertAssignmentQuizPol
    Great tools to help bring the digital world into my classroom!
    Great tool to help bring the digital world into your classroom!
    Edmodo provides a free, basic platform for instructors to communicate and collaborate with students about course assignments, quizzes, etc., and provides a spot for notes, alerts and polling questions.
Dennis OConnor

Twitter for Professional Development: Ultra Beginner Edition | Mark Brumley - 4 views

  • Short message such as, “I just found a great language arts lesson plan!”
  • Link to the main content. Since a tweet can only have 140 characters, most tweeters include a link to the main content.
  • So, a typical tweet contains: short message, link, hashtag.
  • ...4 more annotations...
  • Hashtags provide a way to search millions of tweets and find content relevant to you.
  • types # plus a key search word
  • Over the years, educators have started using common hashtags to help build a learning network.
  • Example are #elemchat for elementary teachers and #mathchat for math teachers. For a huge list, check out this post.
    For anyone who hears about Twitter and thinks: I don't get it!"
Joe Cilli

Facebook Is Most Popular Social Network for All Ages; LinkedIn Is Second [STUDY] - 0 views

  • Twitter, the third most used social network, is most popular among younger users, and membership drops off incrementally for older audiences
  • Twitter ,
  • Facebook is the only one that knows no generational limits
  • ...3 more annotations...
  • Facebook beats the other social networking sites by a long-shot, too. LinkedIn, the next most popular site, claims only 28% of the U.S. adult online population.
  • The youngest members are also likely to be the most active users of any of the social networks.
  • Forrester’s survey was conducted online in July — shortly after Google+ launched, so Google’s social network is absent from the findings
    Interesting report from Forrester Research. Really nothing earth-shattering, but it kind of proves the point that everyone is on Facebook and it's a powerful tool for business and education. Guess I have to get an account now! I am very curious to see what, if any, impact Google+ has on Facebooks domination.
Dennis OConnor

TwHistory - 1 views

    Create historical twitter character then tweet based on history research  Quote from Mark Rounds Web-Ed Tools, "Participants choose a historical event, create Twitter accounts for individual characters, pore over primary source documents and think critically about the times, dates, and durations of events to create hundreds of Tweets as they might have been broadcast had Twitter existed before the 21st century. They then submit all those Tweets to the engineers at TwHistory, specifying a start date for their event, and then watch it unfold - over a day, a week, a month or more - reflecting the event's actual duration."
Dennis OConnor

Twitter and Your Online Class | Online College Tips - Online Colleges - 5 views

  • Rubric: The University of Wisconsin-Stout developed a Twitter Rubric that addresses content, frequency, hyperlinks, mechanics, and comments and contributions. Rubrics like this one can help you decide what elements of Twitter interaction are important for your course and also help you convey your expectations to students.
Dennis OConnor

28 Creative Ideas for Teaching with Twitter | Course Hero - 4 views

  • Twitter is one of my favorite social tools. Some might say I have an unhealthy addiction to my data plan because of it (I blame my PR agency background).
Dennis OConnor

Twitter Hashtags for #Teachers « Mobile Learning Blog - 2 views

  • What I find most useful about Twitter that I would like to share on this blog post are how to find the hashtags that lead to the education-related discussions that are taking place, in real-time, on Twitter.
Dennis OConnor

Advice from the Twitter Hashtag Queen - Steve Hargadon Said So! by Lisa Nielsen - 0 views

  • Hashtags provide a way for others who are interested in a particular topic to see what you have to say even if they're not following you. In other words, it allows people to follow topics rather than each other.
    Essential insight about Twitter. Helps you minds.
Dennis OConnor

#PleaseHelp: Learning to Write (Again) on Twitter | Digital Is ... - 1 views

    A writing teacher's narrative about re-discovering a writers process by slowly learning Twitter.  This is a thoughtful account that may lure some who are hesitant about using twitter into giving it a try. (More than a try really, it takes some time for you too find your voice and your audience.)
Dennis OConnor

The Innovative Educator: Advice from the Twitter Hashtag Queen - Steve Hargadon Said So! - 1 views

  • Hashtags provide a way for others who are interested in a particular topic to see what you have to say even if they're not following you.  In other words, it allows people to follow topics rather than each other.
  • y simply following these hashtags, you can get connected with discussion groups, resources, advice, and more
Dennis OConnor

Jeff Clark - Portfolio Illustrating Patterns in Data - 3 views

    This is a tantalizing portfolio page of infographic generators.  As a writing teacher I see many applications. As an information fluency advocate I see a way to understand data that excites the mind. Many of these programs use social media sources to build visual comparisons and patterns.   What a find! 
Dennis OConnor

The Power of Twitter in Information Discovery | Both Sides of the Table - 3 views

    The author provides a short history of information discovery that provides a fascinating context for the article.  You see the evolution of web info over the paste decade. You also get some true insight on how to consume information using social tools.  Abundant links to web 2.0 apps make this article well worth the time to read (and re-read it).  
Dennis OConnor

The Ultimate Twitter Guidebook For Teachers | Edudemic - 3 views

  • Adopting a new communication tool is not easy. Figuring out the best way YOU can use Twitter is even harder. Luckily you are not going it alone. We have culled the following resources from an array of websites that try to help anyone understand and better use Twitter.
  • Busy teachers may feel that taking the time to learn how to use Twitter isn’t worth the return for the students benefit, so that’s why this list of 100 tips, apps, and resources is worth browsing.
  • Resources for Learning Twitter
  • ...8 more annotations...
  • Twitter for Educators
  • Resources for Making the Most of Twitter
  • Suggestions for Twitter Use in the Classroom
  • Apps and Twitterers to Use with Students
  • Apps to Make Twitter Work for the Educator
  • App Resources
  • Tweets to Follow
  • Fun Twitter Experiments
    A one stop orientation to twitter.  
Carolyn Jenkins

JuncoHeibergerLokenTwitterEngagementGrades.pdf (application/pdf Object) - 0 views

    This article is a description of a study conducted with pre-health profession students assigned randomly to an experimental or control group to measure the effect of using Twitter as an educational intervention on student engagement and grades. The study contributes new evidence based knowledge for educators, counselors, and researchers interested in the effect of integrating technology into the learning environment. Midwest Consortium for Service-Learning in Higher Education and the Corporation for National and Community Service funded the study. Reynol Junco PhD, a licensed professional counselor and Associate Professor at Lock Haven University; Greg Heibergert MS, Advisor and Instructor for Pre-Health Professionals at South Dakota State University; and Eric Loken PhD, a Research Associate and Professor at Pennsylvania State University coauthored the article reporting on their study. The authors measured engagement using 19 questions extracted from the National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE) and grades using grade point average (GPA). Quantitative and qualitative analysis of Twitter activity and specific educational interventions using Twitter were described in rich detail. The outcomes were statistically significant increase in engagement and grades as measured by the modified NSSE and GPA. There were several limitations addressed in the study that could be opportunities for future studies. The authors pointed out that integrating social media in and of itself will probably not have the same effect. It is the engagement between faculty and students using the technology that the authors suggest make the difference in the outcomes.
Dennis OConnor

Academic Excellence in 140 Characters | Social Media in Higher Education - 1 views

  • This is a video created by one of my students to summarize the research we conducted on the effects of Twitter on student engagement and grades. The journal article summarizing the study and our findings is available here.
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