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Karen Veldhuizen

TILT - Teachers Improving Learning with Technology - 1 views

  • ate a Classroom Magazine with
    "TILT - Create a Classroom Magazine with PowerPoint "
Margot Laird

Web 2.0 in the Classroom - 0 views

    A blog whose purpose is to explore resources and ideas for "everything Web 2.0 in the classroom." Resources are rich in type and quantity.
Chris Gamel

Get In The Fracas - 0 views

  • I am very confident that I have the knowledge and skills necessary to enable all of my students to succeed academically. Higher collaboration teachers: 89% Lower collaboration teachers: 81%
  • All or most of my students who have a sense of responsibility for their own education. Higher collaboration teachers: 56% Lower collaboration teachers: 35%
  • Competent teachers
  • ...3 more annotations...
  • Encouraging assessment and evaluation
  • Significance of education in society
  • The Finns have worked systematically over 35 years to make sure that competent professionals who can craft the best learning conditions for all students are in all schools, rather than thinking that standardized instruction and related testing can be brought in at the last minute to improve student learning and turn around failing schools.
    Education blog covering the thoughts and musing of Dan Brown, a high school English teacher in Washington DC. Topics vary tend to look at the big picture of education.
    Education from a high school english teacher's perspective (blog).
Carolyn Jenkins Tips, Tutorials, and Commentary on Pedagogy, Productivity, and Technolo... - 2 views

    Educators Blog
TA Hennard

ICT in my Classroom - 0 views

    Tom Barrett's blog is an excellent way of keeping up with technology developments. I find myself using a variety of tools that he writes about such as VoiceThread.
    Blog that tracks tech developments and new tools, along with suggestions for their use.
Staci Rubenzer

The Future of Education - Charting the Course of Education and Learning in a Networked ... - 0 views

    social network community of teachers sharing resources and information
Staci Rubenzer

Cool Cat Teacher Blog - 0 views

    to use as great example of what a teacher's blog can be- also use as source of tech resources
Shelley Lee

To what extent do Web 2.0 tools support and enhance pedagogy?: How Learning Theories He... - 2 views

    try this one....
    This one talks about the latest research on social constructivism and web 2.0 materials.
Darin Pardoe | Tech&Learning - Ideas and Tools for Ed Tech Leaders - 0 views

    This link has several articles relating to blogging in education.
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