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Education Week's Digital Directions: Students Sound Off on School Tech Use - 0 views

    • mmac45
      I can't believe only half said they do this.
  • growing frustration among students that they have to “power down” their use of technology when they enter school buildings.
  • Outside of school, about half the 140,000 middle and high school students who participated in the survey reported using e-mail, instant-messaging tools, and text messages to communicate with classmates about homework, and the same number said they used social-networking Web sites to collaborate with their peers on school projects.
    What do students think about technology in the classroom...
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    What do students think about technology in the classroom... Click and see...Powerful to know what they are thinking....
    My high school principal shared this article with the faculty, and it sheds light on the way some students feel hampered whant trying to use technology in school. It offers some student insight and some surprising issues. Students don't use technology to communicate with others about homework as often as I thought. Also, students are well-aware of budgetary constraints.
    This article helps explain why we need to use more technology in the classroom.
Suzanne Feldberg

AALF Articles - Students as Agents of Change - 1 views

  • In order to assure that any school-related change, be it technological or otherwise, runs smoothly and effectively, people need to feel that they have a sense of control and choice in the efforts. However, students are rarely asked to participate in these changes, and worse, are often seen as the objects of change themselves. Including students in the rollout of your laptop program will provide them with a sense of mission and purpose. By allowing them to participate and voice their opinions about changes taking place in their school, their passion and attitude toward the laptops will have a profound effect on their peers, parents, and community at large. Reinforcing the belief that their voice and their actions are important, necessary, and valued creates students who will go beyond a class assignment and become empowered, global citizens of the 21st century.
  • students are 92% of any school population. This is an often overlooked yet crucial stakeholder group. Including students on planning committees creates a larger sense of ownership of the program once it becomes a reality. Ongoing student input and support of laptops provides valuable, knowledgeable resources, additional team members, and student point of view.
    This article deals with one-to-one computing, but there are some wonderful insights to allowing students to participate in change, thereby empowering and engaging them in the change process in their school.
Dr. Jill Klefstad

Active Learning - 0 views

    Hot Links to the components of active learning including strong definitions of active learning or student centered approaches to teaching

Teaching Every Student in the Digital Age: Universal Design for Learning - 1 views

    The on-line book decribes the why and how students with disabilities should be equipped with particular technologies-new tools and approaches-that would help them access a print-based curriculum.
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