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Joe Cilli

Doable, Affordable, and Sustainable Augmented Reality | Augmented Reality in Education - 4 views

  • The essential elements for developing AR applications are 3D models.
  • It costs approximately around $ 1500 or less to create AR projects.
    This video provides a good visual representation of AR in education:
    Thank you Joe! (Joe is a participant in our Summer 2012 E-Learning Practicum).
Alexander Ogundele

The Stability of Value‐Added Measures of Teacher Quality and Implications for... - 1 views

    This is an interesting article about findings data tracking teachers and their students' level of achievement over time in ordet to measure the impact of teachers on student achievement.
Debi Griggs

Characteristics of Millennial Students: What Professors Need to Know | Faculty Focus - 1 views

  • noticed a gap between students’ expectation for success and the effort they put forth in the classroom
  • Millennials prefer a variety of active learning methods
  • less lecture, use of multimedia, collaborating with peers
  • ...6 more annotations...
  • they do not typically value information for information’s sake
  • shifting from disseminating information to helping students apply the information
  • connect course content to the current culture and make learning outcomes and activities relevant,
  • more likely to comply with course policies when teachers provide them with a rationale for specific policies and assignments
  • prefer a less formal learning environment in which they can informally interact with the professor and one another
  • they seem to be more willing to pursue learning outcomes when instructors connect with them on a personal level
    Ideas for engaging millennial students.
Debi Griggs

Integrating technology into your teaching | Faculty Focus - 1 views

  • SECTIONS model
  • Some of the larger questions you need to ask are, “How will this technology benefit the students? Does it make learning more accessible for the students? Does it increase their flexibility? What kind of students are you reaching—or, more importantly, could you reach who you’re not reaching already—with this technology?
  • What are the demographics of the students in your course
  • ...9 more annotations...
  • must be easy to use, easy to maintain and reliable
  • go beyond the actual cost of the product to include instructor time, instructional support, media production, and maintenance
  • new technologies also carry more risk because they’re largely untested
  • What technologies will enhance interaction between you and your students, between students, and between the students and the course material
  • Can you and your students get help
  • If you try to do something different will you be rewarded or punished
  • What is your teaching style? Some technologies lend themselves more to didactic or direct teaching; others to student participation
  • Is the technology secure or can it be ‘hacked’? Is student information protected? Is the data stored on a secure server and is it backed up in case of an emergency
  • think about the technology choice before designing the course
    SECTIONS approach to selecting technology. Good list of questions to address.
Kristina (Kris) Peachey (AAS/NZAS)

Rapid City-area schools revamp technology policy | The Daily Republic | Mitchell, South... - 1 views

    I'm wondering do most online courses have clear policies about communication? I use email qiute a bit with my students and only CC a supervisor in a 'touchy' situation. What kind of policies should there be for those who work online?
Jane White

What Millenials want from Business - 2 views

    Interesting images and write up about Millenials
Debi Griggs

Educational Technology Bill of Rights for Students Part II - 0 views

    Part II of the technology bill of rights with a link to part I.
Debi Griggs

Exercises, Quizzes, Tests - 4 views

    List of links to online quiz, exercise and test making sites
Debi Griggs

Educational Technology Guy - Home - 4 views

    Free resources for teachers, educational ideas and tips, educational topics, personal learning networks, project based learning, Google, Evernote, Discovery Education and more.
Kristina (Kris) Peachey (AAS/NZAS)

Seven Digital Learning Tips for Students | Edutopia - 1 views

  • So to help teachers communicate their expectations to students who are just starting to blog or use dropbox or set up discussion threads, I’ve provided a list of characteristics that many agree successful distance learners possess. Notice the similarities in many of the attributes that our students need to succeed in a traditional classroom. The difference, of course, is that one’s success relies far more on individual choices and energy management.
    A recent blog about what it takes to succeed online
Jean Rhyner

CSE: Dental Terminology & Charting - 2 views

    searches sites including:,,,, Keywords: "dental terminology" "dental charting" "dental software" "dental restorations"
    searches sites including:,,,, Keywords: "dental terminology" "dental charting" "dental software" "dental restorations"
Cynithis Simpson

Google Custom Search - Learning Analytics-Monitoring Performance-Search Engine - 0 views

    The focus of this customized search engine is that of locating information that is geared towards learning analysis technologies to help track progress of students and discover patterns of those whose academic performance is not to par as their peers. This search also includes various data mining programs which other schools are using and some of the tracking tools of the future. In addition, there is discussion of how learning analytics is paving the way towards more collaboration with data mining centers, educators and IT support.
Karen Smolarek - 3 views

This website intrigues me since I'm looking for an alternative communication method with my high schoolers. Some of my colleagues recommended it to me, so I'll be investigating further

blogging students

started by Karen Smolarek on 26 Jun 11 no follow-up yet
John Porterfield

The Innovative Educator: 10 Ways Facebook Strengthens the Student - Teacher Connection - 1 views

    Ways that students, their teachers, their principal, and others have have found Facebook to be an effective tool in strengthening the educator / student bond.
Elaine Madera-Jean

Chalksite - 0 views

    (Teachers): Chalksite is a system built for teachers, students, and parents providing teachers with an easy to use central point where they can communicate with students and parents, post assignments and grades, send messages, and manage a website for their courses.
Donna Beck

Free Puzzlemaker | Discovery Education - 0 views

  • Puzzlemaker
  • Puzzlemaker is a puzzle generation tool for teachers, students and parents. Create and print customized word search, criss-cross, math puzzles, and more-using your own word lists.
    This puzzlemaker would be a great addition to any classroom, have students create the puzzle and then share with classsmates.
Rick Patterson

Managing "Difficult" Students In the Online Classroom - 0 views

    Great intoductionm to disruptive students in the online environment.
    This may have been shared some time ago, for those who want a refresher, enjoy
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