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Paul Jinks

A Teenager's View on Social Media - Backchannel - Medium - 1 views

  • Facebook is often used by us mainly for its group functionality. I know plenty of classmates who only go on Facebook to check the groups they are part of and then quickly log off. In this part Facebook shines—groups do not have the same complicated algorithms behind them that the Newsfeed does. It is very easy to just see the new information posted on the group without having to sift through tons of posts and advertising you don't really care about.
Julie Golden

Have you taught online? Your opinion is needed! - 4 views

  • Please consider taking my survey. It is anonymous, so I won't be able to send a proper thank you. Please know that I will pay your kindness forward to another doctoral student in need and will send warm thoughts out into the universe for you. Thank you for your consideration and for passing this on to eLearning faculty!
Julie Golden

Need Your Help!! - 6 views

Please consider taking my survey. It is anonymous, so I won't be able to send a proper thank you.Please know that I will pay your kindness forward to another doctoral student in need and will send ...

web 2.0 e-learning learning socialmedia faculty online community research

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DeZyre Academy

10 Ways the Big Data Wave Is Changing Your Job - 0 views

    The headlines suggest data scientists now have the coolest jobs and career paths. But how did we arrive at this point? Here are the factors and the ways your job is set to change -- even more.
Giovanna Doll

Avoiding Conflict Online - 0 views

    The article includes "five key attributes of online communication to take into consideration" and "four tips to avoid online misunderstandings."
Giovanna Doll

UDL On Campus: Selecting Media and Technology - 0 views

    This Web Page offers a variety of media and technology resources and ideas for instructors to use in higher education for ALL students.

Wikis - 4 views

  • a tool which allows a group of users to edit a set of Web documents from a browser without needing to use a separate HTML editor.
  • Allow multiple authors to work on the same Web document
  • Create Your Own Wiki
  • ...2 more annotations...
  • Create public course pages or personal homepages
  • use a wiki for a class project
Dennis OConnor

Is Your Use of Social Media FERPA Compliant? (EDUCAUSE Review) | - 3 views

  • nstructors must be careful about how they use social media in classrooms.
  • isn't specifically covered by FERPA,
  • digital media for student communications
  • ...5 more annotations...
  • When using Twitter, Facebook, or other social platforms, never reveal information about students that might indicate their grades, course enrollments, class schedules, and so on. Doing so could be noted as a FERPA violation if called out by the student.
  • Any document or communication (digital or not) that is considered an educational record for purposes of FERPA is subject to the "inspect and review" privilege by the student.
  • uch a document would not be considered an educational record because it is not maintained by the university. Sole possession does not hold here because two faculty members are involved.
  • The court overturned the college's decision, ruling that an e-mail is not a student record and must be released to the professor.
  • However, the court found that e-mails are not educational records under FERPA because they are not maintained by the school unless somehow placed in the students file.
theresa savich

SimpleK12 Teacher Learning Community | Education Technology - 3 views

    Blended learning solutions with classroom technology from SimpleK12. Teacher development and webinars, including Google & iPad apps for kids education.
Pamela Schield

Nine Elements - 4 views

    Nine Themes of Digital Citizenship; defined as the norms of appropriate, responsible behavior with regard to technology use.
Pamela Schield

Every Teacher's Must-Have Guide To Facebook - 3 views

    I'm a bit new to Diigo, hoping to provide input for fodder for EDUC 760.
Patricia Priske

Copy of Social Media Makes Voyeurs of Us All by Rhiannon Boyd on Prezi - 0 views

    The embedded video posits that 150 is the limit of meaningful relationships for a person, that conversation is distinctly different from online communication and that those who are the most social-network connected are lonelier.
Dennis OConnor

Use Cards to embed and share media on Blogger | Embedly - 6 views

    Looks like a very slick way to embed code. Great for webpages and blogs. Create a visual link to any site you want. Worth exploring for e-portfolio use.
Sandy Madelung

Self paced learning - 8 views

Sheila Morris

VoiceThread - Single Educator License - Products - 1 views

    This is great intro into the power of this tool. I had never heard of it before. It sounds like it would be worth the cost . Does anyone have experience with using it

Join with over 650 attendees my #co13 class : Top 10 startup social media curation tool... - 0 views

    After the session download free my #co13 presentation from
Kristina (Kris) Peachey (AAS/NZAS)

New Facebook Effort Targets Educating School Counselors - US News and World Report - 5 views

  • a new guide is promoting a need for educators to be familiar with Facebook, the country's most popular social network.
  • helping develop school policies, responding to online incidents, detecting at-risk behavior on Facebook, and dealing with how students represent themselves on the platform. 
  • n a September 2011 survey of 359 colleges and universities, Kaplan Test Prep revealed that 24 percent of admissions officers reported using Facebook or other social networking pages to research an applicant. 
Paul Jinks

The pros and cons of social media classrooms | ZDNet - 2 views

    Handy list for getting discussion going about using SoMe for education.
Debi Griggs

Social media news, strategy, tools, and techniques | Social Media Today - 4 views

    Great site for news in social media.
Joe Cilli

Web 2.0 College Olympics - 50 Social Media Innovators In Higher Education - CollegeSurf... - 2 views

  • From active Twitter feeds and fan-packed Facebook pages to creative YouTube videos and compelling blogs, here are the 50 schools that captivated us with their social media savvy.
    Not entirely impressive. Most of these "innovations" are basic use of Twitter. Not what I envisioned in terms of 'Social Media Innovators'; to the point, this type of electronic social interaction is becoming the norm.
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