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Nigel Coutts

Number Talks for Number Sense - The Learner's Way - 0 views

    "Number Talks" is an approach to the teaching and learning of Number Sense. Rather than relying on the rote-memorisation of isolated number facts achieved through drills of "table-facts", Number Talks aim to build confident, number fluency, where learners recognise patterns within and between numbers and understand the properties of numbers and operations. Number Talks are a "mind on" learning task that engages students in an active learning process as they search for patterns, decompose and recompose numbers and develop a flexible understanding.
Jeannine Burgess

Gesture-based Computing - 1 views

    Gesture Based computing incorporates gestural interactions very similar to the way Wii and other games function sensing individual movements either with hand-held devices or sensing the movement of the limbs and body of the player. It is expected within the next four to five years gesture-based computing will become the norm for interacting with a computer, such as you do now with your Smart-phones and iPads. The possibility of gesture-based computing changing the way we interact is all too real. The links associated with this search engine speak of variations of gesture-based computing now and in the future. Have fun searching and learning. Be sure to search for the Sixth Sense.
    Gesture based computing is the future for education
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