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Suzanne Feldberg

Educational Leadership:Teaching for the 21st Century:Why Creativity Now? A Conversation... - 0 views

    • Suzanne Feldberg
      This statement reminds us that creativity is present in every achievement, no matter how small.
    • Suzanne Feldberg
      Rather than highlight every sentence in this interview, I will comment that Sir Ken Robinson's theories are visionary and we should pay attention. His concepts could easily be incorporated into online education.
  • At the moment, instead of promoting creativity, I think we're systematically educating it out of our kids.
  • Most original thinking comes through collaboration and through the stimulation of other people's ideas. Nobody lives in a vacuum.
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  • education is becoming so dominated by this culture of standardized testing, by a particular view of intelligence and a narrow curriculum and education system, that we're flattening and stifling some of the basic skills and processes that creative achievement depends on.
    Sir Ken Robinson espouses critical and exciting theories about 21st century education. Worth the read if you are interested in reading about education reform and vision.
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