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Paul Jinks

Humanizing online learning - 2 views

shared by Paul Jinks on 15 Dec 16 - No Cached
  • In our digital age of knowledge abundance, an educator's value is no longer derived through the delivery of content. Rather, our new focus is on designing human-centered learning experiences. Humanized learning leverages the potential of digital technologies to bridge physical distances, connect people, foster relationships, and build community. This process blends course design and facilitation, while engaging the cognitive and affective domains of learning.
    Really nice slideshow about the importance of community for deep learning experiences online.
Dennis OConnor

Online Unbound | UNBOUND - 2 views

    Solid history of online learning during this century.
Victorious Kidss Educares Pune

Victorious Kidss Educares features in the 'Teacher's Magazine' - 1 views


    You all will be happy to know that our school, Victorious Kidss Educares, has been featured in the 'Teachers Magazine' - April - June 2016 edition, two (2) pages, published by the Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER). This magazine focuses on the professional development community for teachers & educators. 'The key feature is to create a school, that is a truly global learning community, is to ensure every child's learning need is, addressed , not only what we learn, but how we learn. Our goal is to graduate students who, in contributing to a better world, are critical and independent thinkers with strong capabilities in solving problems and making decisions'. For more information visit is @

Psychology Major-Psychology Major Requirements-Psychology Major Salary - 0 views

    Should I major in Psychology? What can I do with a Psychology Major? What is psychology major? Psychology major requirements. Major areas of psychology: psychology major description of electives. Is psychology a good major? Psychology major jobs & psychology major careers. What else to do with a psychology major?
Dennis OConnor

E-Learning Certificate Program: Schedule a Bright Future and MAKE IT HAPPEN! - 1 views

    Last Call for the Spring of 2016. The UW-Stout E-Learning and Online Teaching program is the real deal.
Paul Jinks

Illinois Online Network: Alternatives to the Online Lecture - 2 views

    "Design the curriculum of an online course to cause dialogue among the students".
Dennis OConnor

Student Self-Assessment Using a Rubric in Moodle - eClass4learning - 5 views

  • In a recent professional development course on using Moodle and blended learning, I was asked if students could mark the rubric in Moodle just as a teacher does. My initial response was ‘no.’ However, after thinking about this question, I realized there is a way in Moodle to provide a student with the ability to score his or her own rubric.
Kelly Soczka Steidinger

IDEA Paper No. 57 | IDEA - 6 views

    Great IDEA Papers on hot topics in higher education!!
    The IDEA non-profit groups has excellent, research based articles on hot topics in higher education in their IDEA papers. FABULOUS RESOURCE!!
Julie Golden

The Impact of Identity Disruption and Participation in Communities of Practice on Facul... - 4 views

Study participants are needed for a research project regarding online faculty satisfaction, faculty identity, and communities of practice. My name is Julie ...

started by Julie Golden on 17 Aug 15 no follow-up yet
Dennis OConnor

E-Learning Certificate Program: Online and Blended Teacher Training: Start Now - 4 views

    "How do you put your mind online?
Kelly Soczka Steidinger

Literary Devices | Definition and Examples of Literary Terms - 3 views

    Provides a great list of definitions of literary devices. Enjoy!
Kelly Soczka Steidinger

BBC Active > BBC Active Ideas and Resources > Introduction - 0 views

    BBC Active Video for Learning provides video for education and training in all sectors from history to mental health. Our wide selection of videos is used by teachers, university professors and health professionals. Learning through video is effective and engaging, and our powerful, high quality BBC video programmes are loved by students and educators alike.

    In this resources section you will find a selection of useful tips for incorporating video into your learning. We don't think it is enough to merely provide first-rate programming and understand the need for guidance on its application in educational settings.

    We would welcome feedback on the usefulness of what is contained here, please send us an email with your thoughts: If you like what you find, please share it with others.....and if not, tell us!
    The BBC has several resources for educators including videos, mind mapping tools, flipped classroom, differentiation information, etc. Check this web site out! Cheers!
Dennis OConnor

The beauty of unfinished work - The Learner's Way - 1 views

  • Believe you can improve and you have taken the first step towards achieving your goal.
  • If we value the processes of learning, creating, thinking and collaborating more than we value the finished product we send a message to our students that we see learning as a continuous act with mistakes, failures and refinement as essential components
  • This fascination with publishing as the path to perfect finished works persists in the digital age only when the very nature of digital works as open to constant refinement and reworking is ignored.
  • ...6 more annotations...
  • A digital work of art, of music of writing is never truly finished, it grows and transforms over time. 
    • Dennis OConnor
      This aligns with my feeling about summative evaluation... aka grades.  If you want to terminate the writing process, grade the product. 

      Will 'grading' an e-portfolio halt the process.  I certainly hope not. Instead see the evaluation process as feedback to prompt an ongoing process you'll continue throughout the E-Learning Certificate Program. 

      As a middle school teacher I taught for six months without grades. It worked quite well. Eventually the parents and administration figured out what I was doing and sent me to the woodshed. Still it worked in Middle School!
  • 'Woe to you the day it is said that you are finished! To finish a work? To finish a picture? What nonsense! To finish it means to be through with it, to kill it, to rid it of its soul – to give it its final blo
  • the foundation required for a culture that values process over product.
  • What must be avoided is a belief that mistakes are to be accepted without an equal emphasis on identifying and understanding their causes.
  • odder for the next lesson

15 Free e-Learning Resources to Help You Make Great Content - 5 views

    Struggling to create courses and content that your learner really loves? Or maybe you're low on budget? Then check out these free e-Learning resources soon.
Dennis OConnor

Ten Steps Toward Universal Design of Online Courses: Home Page - 4 views

shared by Dennis OConnor on 02 Jul 15 - No Cached
    "Step 1: Develop content first, then design.
    Step 2: Provide simple, consistent navigation.
    Step 3: Include an accommodation statement.
    Step 4: Choose CMS tools carefully.
    Step 5: Model and teach good discussion board etiquette.
    Step 6: Use color with care.
    Step 7: Provide accessible document formats.
    Step 8: Choose fonts carefully.
    Step 9: Convert PowerPoint™ to accessible HTML.
    Step 10: If it's auditory make it visual; if it is visual make it auditory."
Walco Solutions

plc training programs - 0 views

shared by Walco Solutions on 15 Jun 15 - No Cached
    A joint venture of Walrus Marine Engineering Co.Pvt.Ltd.(An ISO 9001-2008 Certified Company) and Solutions Institute of Engineering and Technology (a 10+ year old training centre in the field of engineering). The Walco Solutions Automation training division was conceived with the vision to train professionals to meet the challenges in the field of automation with the aid of apt training modules specifically programmed to deliver a broad perspective of the Engineering disciplines and tap the opportunities in the field. / +91 8129981111
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