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Alex Braden

Becta Schools - Becta report shows benefits of Web 2.0 in the classroom - 0 views

  • The reports found that young learners are prolific users of Web 2.0 technologies in their leisure time but that the use of Web 2.0 in the classroom was limited
  • particularly among quieter pupils, who can use it to work collaboratively online, without the anxiety of having to raise questions in front of peers in class
    • Alex Braden
      This is something I question...but only on instinct, not on evidence
  • the majority of teachers questioned had never used Web 2.0 applications in lesson
    • Alex Braden
      Perhaps because we have NO TIME!
    The how and why of 2.0

Questioning Toolkit - 14 views

  • These are questions which touch our hearts and souls
  • Essential Questions would be at the center of all the other types of questions
  • probe the deepest issues confronting us
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  • Essential Questions are at the heart of the search for Truth.
  • offer the organizing focus for a unit
  • Most Essential Questions are interdisciplinary in nature. They cut across the lines created by schools and scholars to mark the terrain of departments and disciplines.
  • Many of us believe that schools should devote more time to Essential Questions and less time to Trivial Pursuit.
    New and different questioning skills added to your resume are always welcome - here are some to consider
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    On-line questioning
    Questioning Tools
    A resource to help create discussion questions
    Examples of effective questioning techics to expand learning
    great essential questions! Part of suggested reading for class that will readily apply to teaching!
    from The Educational Technology Journal
    Toolkit which contains several dozen kinds of questions and questioning tools.
    Module 3 - This guide from Penn State leads you through an excellent tutorial on how to use questions to promote critical thinking. *Study this resource. You'll be asked to apply these ideas to create your own discussion prompt. (Bookmark this site with Diigo!)
    McKenzie defines and provides examples for seventeen types of questions. As a facilitator it is your task to ask questions that deepen thinking and expand on essential ideas.
    From Now On - The Educational Technology Journal
    Questions are always important
    Use as a cluster diagram!
Kim Audetat

MERLOT - Multimedia Educational Resource for Learning and Online Teaching - 1 views

    • Tania Messina
      Also has the option to have peers review your online course
  • Browse new online learning materials in different disciplines.
  • Business
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  • Learning Exercises     Find learning exercises in different disciplines you can use with your students.
  • Putting Educational Innovations Into Practice
    Learning objects
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    Great resource for on-line learning and teaching.
    MERLOT is a very rich site for online educators with articles and learning objects posted by members.
    Useful resource for online learning and teaching
    Browse for learning exercises and online learning materials. Also has the option to have peers review your online course.
    Peer-reviewed contributions for higher education. Students can access learning materials for review of some material or introduction to new subject areas. The site also offers ideas of different learning exercises that can be used with your students.
Darin Pardoe | Tech&Learning - Ideas and Tools for Ed Tech Leaders - 0 views

    This link has several articles relating to blogging in education.
Ann Williams

Educational Leadership:How Teachers Learn:Learning with Blogs and Wikis - 2 views

  • , digital tools now help fulfill Elmore's desire for fresh "portals through which new knowledge about teaching and learning can enter schools." Specifically, thousands of accomplished educators are now writing blogs about teaching and learning, bringing transparency to both the art and the science of their practice.
    • Ann Williams
      using blogs and wikis as educational development resources
    A nice article about the use of blogs and other interactive media for collaboration and professional development. Some good points made.
    Advantages of blogs and kiwis professional development
Dennis OConnor

The Rapid eLearning Blog - 0 views

  • The way it seems to work is that organizations restructure and somewhere in the process the training people are usually the first to go.
  • So if I were to offer any advice, it would be to provide the most value that you can.
  • The challenge in all of this is that rapid elearning has to bring real value and isn’t just a bunch of PowerPoint files converted to Flash and then put online. 
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  • By creating rapid elearning courses, you bring value to your organization because you can drive down the cost of production. However, no software replaces the need for sound instructional design.
  • Assess your learners on what they need to do.  The original quiz questions are based on the product.  I changed the focus from the product to answering customer questions.  I still cover the same information, but am better off putting it in context to how the learner would use it.
  • I was on the phone with someone who had problems with her elearning course.  It seemed that nothing was working right.  As I dug a little deeper, it turned out that she was deleting some of her files.  She told me she did so to keep her files organized.  Apparently the folders were looking a bit messy.  What she didn’t realize was that all of those files she was moving and deleting ...
    The rapid e-learning blog always has interesting articles.
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    Lots of great ideas for creating "rapid e-learning." Articulate is a software package used to create and convert PowerPoint presentations into flash presentations that can be used on-line, and from within Moodle or other course management systems.
    This is a blog put on by the authoring tool Articulate. This blog contains many tutorials for how to create content that can be shared via an LMS such as Moodle.
    This is a blog put on by the authoring tool Articulate. This blog contains many tutorials for how to create content that can be shared via an LMS such as Moodle.
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