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Landmarks Class Blogmeister - 0 views

  • shortening of the term Web log, the Blog is an online publishing tool that enables people to easily publish their loves, passions, dislikes, peeves, discoveries, and insights.

    Thousands of teachers have discovered the value of classroom blogging, both as an avenue for their communications, but also as a tool for giving voice to what their students are learning and how they are learning.

    Class Blogmeister is one of several blogging engines that have been developed specifically for classroom use. You are welcome to explore the writings of teachers and students alike.

    Class Blogmeister was developed specifically for classroom use which can make it easier for teachers to use than other products.
    Many schools utilize blogs as the portals for communication between the classroom, student, and home. They are easy to use and they are effective communication tools.
Chris Gamel

Get In The Fracas - 0 views

  • I am very confident that I have the knowledge and skills necessary to enable all of my students to succeed academically.

    Higher collaboration teachers: 89%

    Lower collaboration teachers: 81%

  • All or most of my students who have a sense of responsibility for their own education.

    Higher collaboration teachers: 56%

    Lower collaboration teachers: 35%

  • Competent teachers
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  • Encouraging assessment and evaluation
  • Significance of education in society
  • The Finns have worked systematically over 35 years to make sure that competent professionals who can craft the best learning conditions for all students are in all schools, rather than thinking that standardized instruction and related testing can be brought in at the last minute to improve student learning and turn around failing schools.
    Education blog covering the thoughts and musing of Dan Brown, a high school English teacher in Washington DC. Topics vary tend to look at the big picture of education.
    Education from a high school english teacher's perspective (blog).
Mary Murray

National Marine Sanctuaries Education - 0 views

  • The Ocean for Life program is an initiative to increase cultural understanding through ocean science. Ocean for Life will provide high quality, immersive ocean field studies and follow-on education programs to facilitate cross-cultural learning, appreciation, and lasting experiences between Middle Eastern and Western students. We invite teachers to help with the recruitment of high school students for our pilot field studies during the summer of 2009. Student applications are due February 27, 2009.

Belinda Donaldson

e-Learning Centre by Learning Light - Blogs and podcasts in e-Learning - 0 views

    I like this one because it has much information and a lot of interesting and helpful articles.
    elearning blogs on various topics
Shelley Lee

To what extent do Web 2.0 tools support and enhance pedagogy?: How Learning Theories He... - 2 views

    try this one....
    This one talks about the latest research on social constructivism and web 2.0 materials.
Michael McHugh

eLearning Learning - 2 views

    Related to Tony Karrer's blog Elearning Technology
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    eLearning Learning is a community that tries to collect and organize the best information on the web that will help you learn and stay current on eLearning.
    Great site. Check out the web 2.0 related links down the left side of the screen.
    Great elearning site to search for web 2.0 technologies.
    Most current and up-to-date information on e-learning.
    Great layout here, with articles of note in the center and links for filtering content down the left-hand side.
Darin Pardoe | Tech&Learning - Ideas and Tools for Ed Tech Leaders - 0 views

    This link has several articles relating to blogging in education.
Dennis OConnor

The Rapid eLearning Blog - 0 views

  • The way it seems to work is that organizations restructure and somewhere in the process the training people are usually the first to go.
  • So if I were to offer any advice, it would be to provide the most value that you can.
  • The challenge in all of this is that rapid elearning has to bring real value and isn’t just a bunch of PowerPoint files converted to Flash and then put online. 
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  • By creating rapid elearning courses, you bring value to your organization because you can drive down the cost of production. However, no software replaces the need for sound instructional design.
  • Assess your learners on what they need to do.  The original quiz questions are based on the product.  I changed the focus from the product to answering customer questions.  I still cover the same information, but am better off putting it in context to how the learner would use it.
  • I was on the phone with someone who had problems with her elearning course.  It seemed that nothing was working right.  As I dug a little deeper, it turned out that she was deleting some of her files.  She told me she did so to keep her files organized.  Apparently the folders were looking a bit messy.  What she didn’t realize was that all of those files she was moving and deleting ...
    The rapid e-learning blog always has interesting articles.
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    Lots of great ideas for creating "rapid e-learning." Articulate is a software package used to create and convert PowerPoint presentations into flash presentations that can be used on-line, and from within Moodle or other course management systems.
    This is a blog put on by the authoring tool Articulate. This blog contains many tutorials for how to create content that can be shared via an LMS such as Moodle.
    This is a blog put on by the authoring tool Articulate. This blog contains many tutorials for how to create content that can be shared via an LMS such as Moodle.
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