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Dennis OConnor

Dr. Roger Mignosa, D.O. Dead Bug Exercise - YouTube - 0 views

    Those of you who know Roger will appreciate this video. The first of many to come! "Sagittal stability is the foundation for all movement. The dead bug exercise balances the core muscles to optimize the flow of the breath and increases space in the lumbar spine enabling improved coordination of the legs. This exercise is done in 2-3 month old infants before they are able to roll, crawl, sit and stand. If this exercise is difficult it is likely that you compensate for an unbalanced core with excessive tension in your arms and legs. Category"
Messi karol

BSc (Hons) Health & Social Care - Anglia Ruskin University - 0 views

    The aim of this course is to develop your expertise in critically in the health and social care arena from an inter-professional and contemporary perspective. The course will equip you with the skills of critical reflection and evaluation so that you are able to lead/facilitate advanced and innovative practice within the health and social care context.
Cassandra Gadouas

Persuasive Games - Games. - 5 views

    health games
Christa Drennan

Social Inclusion and the Arts - 1 views

    My CSE - Social Inclusion and the Arts - Christa
Deb Koziel

Community Dental Health - 2 views

    searches sites including:,,,, Keywords: community dental health, public health, dental government agencies, acces to dental care
Dennis OConnor

Medical Uses of Virtual Worlds | Navigator - 0 views

  • The Second Health project used a detailed build in a virtual world to tell a visual story about a unique vision for the near-term future in real life. Created by the medical school at Imperial College in London, the National Physical Lab (NPL) in the UK, and NMC Virtual Worlds, the in-world model of a new type of health care centre was used as the set for a series of videos describing the vision.
Dennis OConnor

Virtual Dental Implant Simulation | Navigator - 1 views

  • Faculty and students at the Medical College of Georgia School for Dentistry collaborated with game developers at BreakAway, Ltd. to design the Virtual Dental Implant Training Simulation, a program that allows students to work with and treat simulated patients. Students conduct interviews, choose a procedure, select the tools to carry it out, and perform it on their simulated patients.
Dennis OConnor

RFID Tags Survive Hospital Sterilization | Navigator - 0 views

  • RFID tags have long been used in hospitals to locate and track equipment. Unfortunately, facilities have been unable to use the tags on surgical equipment that must undergo severe sterilizations.A recent breakthrough has allowed the University of California San Diego Medical Center to use durable RFIDs to track and locate surgical equipment, saving time and money.
Dennis OConnor

Google Body - Google Labs - 1 views

  • Welcome to Google Body. You need a Web browser that supports WebGL. Try: Google Chrome | Mozilla Firefox 4 Beta | WebKit nightly | Other
    Here's the Google page explaining which browsers will work with Google Body. This is a simulation that is both simple to use and graphically sophisticated. It is supported by Safari on the Mac. Click the Other link for details about browser needs. I was able to run this program using Google Chrome and Rockmelt (a newer chrome based browser with a high level of integration to Facebook and Twitter.)
Dennis OConnor

GENOCHOICE - Create Your Own Genetically Healthy Child Online! - 3 views

  • Thank you for considering GenoChoice to plan the future well-being of you and your family. My name is Dr. Elizabeth Preatner, a prenatal geneticist and embryologist here at GenoChoice. Using our state-of-the-art technologies, you can quite possibly ensure that your child's life may be free of such diseases as cancer, Alzheimer's, and heart disease -- as well as conditions like obesity, aggression, and dyslexia.
Frank Cuda

National Association for Sport and Physical Education - 0 views

    Professional agency in the area of physical education. A great resource for PE/Health Teachers
Frank Cuda

Above the Influence - 0 views

    This is a very student friendly website where information about drugs and alcohol can be accessed. Above the influence is a very interactive teaching tool that holds kids attention and gives them the facts. You can post video, writing, pictures, and ideas.
Frank Cuda

PECentral - 0 views

    This is a website that teacher access for information on games and lessons for anything to do with health and physical education. Sometimes people just need ideas for games they can play with students. This is a great resource.
Kevin Schuchmann

Child Development, Children's Mental Health and the Juvenile Justice System - Standford... - 1 views

  • Thus, there are several reasons why actors in our juvenile justice system should understand child development principles. Indeed, there may be paradoxical or untoward negative developmental consequences of incompetent or developmentally inappropriate sanctions by a juvenile court. Simply put, there is the very real risk that the system can do more harm than good to a child who is still in the process of neurobiological, psychological, social, and moral development. Because of this, the negat
  • ve consequences of careless sanctioning may be more enduring for a child (and for society) than they might be for an adult.
  • Childhood is an intense period of rapid development culminating in the tasks of identity formation and social integration. Other than infancy, no stage in human development results in such rapid or dramatic change as adolescence.
  • ...6 more annotations...
  • These developmental tasks are exquisitely sensitive to environmental (peer, educational, familial, and social) influence. To complicate matters further, the teen years are also characterized by a struggle for autonomy from adults upon whom these youth must still depend.
  • According to some authorities, adolescence is an "important formative period in which many developmental trajectories become firmly established and increasingly difficult to alter . . . it is not an overstatement to say that it is much easier to alter an individual's life course in adolescence than in adulthood."
  • experience affects brain development and the developing brain affects how the environment is experienced and processed.
  • Therefore, future behaviors in response to a given set of environmental circumstances, cues, or stimuli can be traced to genetic/biological factors (temperament, biological predilection, or vulnerability) and experience (internal, familial, interpersonal, and environmental).
  • Research using magnetic resonance imaging of the brain demonstrates differences in the way adolescents and adults think and feel and the way they process information before they act.
  • From a child development perspective, the predictability and consistency of adult attention and responsiveness is often what is most important. If a child learns that his social environment will respond inconsistently, he is much more likely to continue a behavior in the hopes that he will "get away with it this time."
    The article by Dr. David E. Arredondo was published in the Standford Law and Policy review and explains principles of child development and discusses the various ways children of different developmental stages experience the same sanction. Can this same process be used as a rationale for including website evaluation at all levels of education?
Frank Cuda

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention - 0 views

    Sorry PE teacher. This site has great health stats.
    This is a website that I use in my health classes where students can research information about diseases.
cc omalley

Alternative Learning Methods: Self-Paced Learning (Part 3 of 5) - 2 views

  • Self-paced or individualized learning is defined as learning directed by the individual in order to meet personal learning objectives.
    Alternative Learning Methods: Self-Paced Learning (JHIEPO - International health) Self-paced or individualized learning is defined as learning directed by the individual in order to meet personal learning objectives. Although self-paced learning and individualized learning have essentially the same meaning, there are some subtle differences. In self-paced learning, the learner controls the pace of the learning process.
    Self-paced or individualized learning is defined as learning directed by the individual in order to meet personal learning objectives.
    I'll use this as a guideline for constructing online activities
Anita Polacek

Research Recap » Web-2.0 - 0 views

  • Though important, this is not just about user-generated content through social networking tools, Wikis, blogs, video clips, or mash-ups. Web 2.0 technologies are now being used for new interactions between patients and providers.
  • new applications based on social health networks and content generated by health service users themselves - such as reviews of doctors and hospitals - will rapidly evolve to challenge existing healthcare systems and create new ways of delivering healthcare.
    This article discussion how technology is affecting the health care industry.
Jill Zielinski

Insurance Anyone? - 0 views

    Zielinski Personal Search Engine
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