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Writing Center Toolkit - 3 views

A toolkit for writing center directors and trainers who want to use the "flipped" approach to training.

college writing center teaching flipped classroom model

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Making Online Learning and Teaching Easier and Affordable | WizIQ - 0 views

    This is free to educators, or at least appears to be at this point.  It offers ways to create a flipped classroom in which students can interact as well as watch videos and other lessons.

Flipped Classrooms in Accounting - 5 views

    Here are some ideas on what a flipped classroom means and how successful this would be for an accounting class.
Bonnie Krajeski

Feedback: Teachers Report Success With 'Flipped Classroom' | WWNY TV 7 - News, Weather ... - 1 views

    News report from a high school math classroom teacher who has flipped her instruction successfully.
Bonnie Krajeski

Turning Education Upside Down - - 2 views

  • This is the second and far more important shift that comes with flipped classrooms: it frees up class time for hands-on work. Students learn by doing and asking questions — school shouldn’t be a spectator sport. ”A lot of people think it just has to do with technology,” said Kim Spriggs, who teaches business and marketing. “It’s actually more time for kids to do higher-order thinking and hands-on projects. Instead of presenting the information in class and having students work on projects at home, where they don’t necessarily have support, here in class, one-on-one or in small groups, I can help them immediately.” Students can also help each other, a process that benefits both the advanced and less advanced learners.
    Three years ago, Clintondale High School, just north of Detroit, became a "flipped school" - one where students watch teachers' lectures at home and do what we'd otherwise call "homework" in class. Teachers record video lessons, which students watch on their smartphones, home computers or at lunch in the school's tech lab. In class, they do projects, exercises or lab experiments in small groups while the teacher circulates.
Lisa Cooper

What Is The Flipped Classroom Model And Why Is It Amazing? (With Infographic) - Forbes - 7 views

  • I recommend reading the arguments for carefully. Meanwhile, the arguments against are pretty hilariously silly:
  • Need it be pointed out that the whole point of the flipped classroom is that it replaces homework?
  • “The Digital Divide.” This is actually a reasonable argument. The flipped classroom model assumes that kids have access to internet access and internet-enabled devices, and this is not yet true for everyone
  • ...3 more annotations...
  • The whole idea of the flipped classroom model is to get rid of homework, which doesn’t work, and replace it with videos so that all classroom can be interactive.
  • he whole point of the lectures is to enable much more hands-on teaching during the day.
  • With the right setting, kids love to learn.
    Potential pros and cons of the flipped classroom.
K Bulman

Flipping the Biology Classroom | - 6 views

    Great articles and resources regarding the implementation of a flipped classroom.
    Great Resources Katie! I really liked the flow chart... helps to put the framework into perspective.
Dennis OConnor

The truth about flipped learning | eSchool News - 7 views

  • A flipped classroom is all about watching videos at home and then doing worksheets in class, right? Wrong!

Electronic education: Flipping the classroom | The Economist - 0 views

    This article gives an interesting perspective into the  flipped classroom.  A flipped classroom is one, where lessons or the lecture, can be viewed online either at school or home.  Then, the teacher spends their time in class with activities to reinforce the lesson/content.   Khan Academy is an interesting tool for students to use for Math.  Many more video type lessons are becoming available for free.  Screencasting sites, like  Allow for teachers to create their own lecture videos.  
Maggie Rouman

Flipped Classroom A New Learning Revolution - 3 views

  • Flipped Classroom is an inverted method of instruction where teaching and learning take place online outside of the class while  homework is done in the classroom. Advocators of this approach believe that this is the ideal method of instruction in our digital age. They basically build their judgement on the following facts :
  • Flipped Classroom shifts the learning responsibility and ownership  from the teacher's hands  into the students'.  Students tend to perform better when they control when, where and how they learn. Teachers no longer dispense knowledge but rather guide and direct while students are the real active learners  Teachers create animated videos and interactive lessons and lectures and students access them at home in advance of class even. In this way all students can re-watch the video tutorials whenever they want. Classroom time can be geared towards data collection, collaboration, and application. Class becomes a place for students to work through problems, advance concepts, and engage in collaborative learning. Flipped Classroom also "allows teachers to reflect on and develop quality and engaging learning opportunities and options for internalization, creation, and application of content rather than just fluff or time filling assignments."
    It's interesting how the concept of a "flipped classroom" is a "new" learning revolution. Has anyone heard of Kolb and experiential learning, or the Montessori method, or the work of Dewey? These "flipped classroom" theories have been around for years.
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