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A 5-Step Plan To Create A Captivating Scenario-Based Corporate Training - 0 views

    Scenario-Based Learning (SBL) is a popular strategy that can checkpoint learning and help learners improve their decision-making skills. In this article, I outline a 5-step plan you can use to create a captivating scenario-based corporate training.
Dennis OConnor

E-Learning Curve Blog - 0 views

  • Information can and (should even) be encoded and transmitted using both visual and auditory (narration) channels. If verbal information is encoded auditorily it reduces the cognitive load of the learner. Consequently their working memory can process information more effectively. Mayer has calls this the the Modality Principle.
    • Dennis OConnor
      * Auditory should be a 'toggle' some learners are distracted by auditory input and would prefer to read. Learner choice is the key.
  • According to Colvin Clark & Mayer (2002) there are six different "broadly applicable" media element guidelines to follow when undertaking e-learning instruction. These guidelines are: The Multimedia Principle: Use words and graphics rather than words alone. The Contiguity Principle: Place corresponding words and graphics near each other The Modality Principle: Present words as audio narration rather than onscreen text. The Redundancy Principle: Presenting words in both text and audio narration can hurt learning. The Coherence Principle: Adding interesting material can hurt learning The Personalization Principle: Use conversational style and virtual coaches.
    This is a great blog that has insight concerning M-Learning ideas and applications. Great ideas for Trainers!
    Thanks to Rich Jaenke in the E-learning for Educators group for this blog. New to me and just in time info I can use.
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