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José Salas

The Myth about Online Course Development (EDUCAUSE Review) | - 3 views

  • For any institution that wants to develop and deliver online courses, the members of the executive team should ask themselves the following strategic questions:
    This article provides good strategic questions before developing an online course.
Dan Davies - 3 views

    Horizon Report
Dennis OConnor

Next Generation Learning Challenges Announces $7 Million in Wave II Grants | EDUCAUSE - 6 views

  • helping students master 7th- to 9th-grade-level math and literacy aligned with the Common Core State Standards.
  • that share in common an emphasis on embedded assessment.
  • provide individualized learning
Dennis OConnor

E-Learning Graduate Certificate Program: Horizon Report 2011 E-Learning Relevent Research - 1 views

  • The 2011 Horizon Report is a collaboration between The New Media Consortium and the EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative
  • Executive Summary Overview
    If you are looking for recent research on e-learning issues, this new report is a goldmine of reliable information.
Marissa Wilson

Home | Navigator - 0 views

  • The Horizon Project Navigator is a dynamic social media platform that allows users to fully exploit the Horizon Project's extensive collection of relevant articles, research, and projects related to emerging technology and its applications worldwide. Users can contribute new information, add their own commentary and analysis, configure and save custom searches, and rate anything in the dataset.
    This site was launched to support the ongoing research of the Horizon Project. This is a highly credible source for fresh research on issues involving 21st Century Skills, education and learning.
Rosanne Ragnacci

Implementing Best Practices in Online Learning (EDUCAUSE Quarterly) | EDUCAUSE - 0 views

  • The primary motivation is a desire to increase service to students in a way consistent with their needs and the mission of the institution.
  • the involvement of key leaders in prioritizing where to focus online learning development activities was critical and highly correlated with perceived success in these institutions
  • Putting a full program online, when done correctly and focused on student learning, involves teamwork within the academic department and among several units of the institution
  • ...1 more annotation...
  • a quality online learning experience still has much more to do with the faculty member teaching the course than anything else. It’s still the teaching, not the technology.
    The study identifies causes for success or lack of success for higher education online programs
Dennis OConnor

7 Things You Should Know About Collaborative Annotation | EDUCAUSE - 0 views

  • Collaborative annotation tools expand the concept of social bookmarking by allowing users not only to share bookmarks but also to digitally annotate web pages. Rather than simply pointing to particular web pages, collaborative annotation lets users highlight specific content on a web page and add a note explaining their thoughts or pointing to additional resources. Students who use these tools for academic research can, over time, build a collection of their own studies and observations in much the same way generations of students have saved texts with dog-eared pages, highlighted passages, scribbled comments, and sticky notes. The activity of adding reflections as marginalia can move students from being passive consumers of information to active readers engaged in scholarly discussions.
    The concept of collaborative annotation may seem strange to you now. I think that the real nature of this work will provide a eureka moment that makes web 2.0 tools suddenly make a lot of sense!
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