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Nigel Coutts

What does intelligence look like? - 0 views

    How might we define intelligence? What do we mean when we speak of intelligence and what evidence do we seek when we look for it? Is it a singular, fixed attribute determined at birth or does it vary across time and environment?
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10 Memorable Quotes From President APJ Abdul Kalam for Students - 0 views

    Look out the collection of best inspirational quotes, motivational quotes, motivational thoughts, Inspirational ideas, sayings, and inspiring life quotes about dreams, happiness, strength and success from the Ex-President of India - Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam (Born in 1931).
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5 Free Websites Every College Student Should Know - 5 views

    In this era of rapid changes, top educational websites for students plays a crucial role in providing the relevant information about the Universities in USA. A lot factors are to be assessed and shortlisted regarding the USA Universities, before getting into one. Many key factors like deadlines, scholarships, ranking, application procedure, academic qualification, tuition fees , and exams, plays a critical role on students' as well as on parents' mind.
Sajid Hussain

SmithsonianTweenTribune | Articles for kids, middle school, teens from Smithsonian | t... - 1 views

shared by Sajid Hussain on 05 Jul 15 - Cached
    Lexile leveled current events, lesson plans, quizzes, assessments

Discovery Education Web2014 : Home - 1 views

    Home page about Web 2.0 Discovery Education
    This home page I wanted to store as a reference in my diigo.

Best Practices: Creating an LGBT-inclusive School Climate | Teaching Tolerance - 0 views

  • miniature societies
  • how well they interact with their peers.
  • Four of ten LGBT youths say the community in which they live is not accepting of LGBT people, which makes it absolutely imperative that educators respect students’ right to privacy.
    LGBQT and providing a safe learning environment. 

Interactive Mathematics Miscellany and Puzzles - 1 views

  • Logic
  • Equations of the Straight Line
    Logic puzzles that give an example and interactive visual. Works on Problem Solving

Desmos | Beautiful, Free Math - 0 views

    User friendly online graphing calculator.

7 Things You Should Know About the 2015 ELI Content Anchors - 0 views

    Each year, ELI conducts a survey to identify the technologies and developments that the teaching and learning community finds most important for higher education. Those content anchors reflect the wisdom of the community and serve as guides for the work that ELI does during the year.
    I tried to highlight one important sentence but the highlighter got away from me and I'm not sure how to erase highlighting!

How Online School Stacks Up to Traditional College - 0 views

  • Today’s students have a variety of choices when it comes to higher education. They can enroll in traditional “brick-and-mortar” colleges or in online colleges, or even complete their degrees through a combination of both modes, in what are called “hybrid” programs.
  • Both online and traditional higher education has pros and cons. In the end, it is up to each individual to figure out how much time he or she will have to devote to earning a degree, what type of degree program he or she is interested in, and how much he or she can spend on education.
Paul Jinks

The cheat sheet to choosing effective education apps - Daily Genius - 4 views

      • n an attempt to uncover what works, I combed through a few hundred apps and analyzed them by asking the following questions:

        • How easy is this app to use for less tech-savvy students and teachers?
        • Is the app free? This is crucial for multi-device or BYOD classrooms.
        • What are other educators saying about this app?
        • How are an array of classrooms using this app?
        • How often should the app be used?
        • Can the app be used out of the classroom? Is it designed to be easy enough to use when teachers or classroom leaders aren’t there to help?

Brittany Schenkel - 2 views

    Brittany Schenkel is on since Today, 2:07 PM
    I love it! Nice Scoop! I am working on mine.

SP15-932C-3608: Green Group: "Moodles and Tools" - Alison Chouinard - Janesville, WI - 0 views

    "Works Cited:

    "Mike Schmoker -Webinar". 4 March 2012. YouTube Video. 21 Jan.


The 35 Best Web 2.0 Classroom Tools Chosen By You | Edudemic - 7 views

    Classroom Tools
lovinget2 - 1 views

  • classifying education goals and objectives.
  • three domains: the cognitive, the affective, and the psychomotor.

Wikis - 4 views

  • a tool which allows a group of users to edit a set of Web documents from a browser without needing to use a separate HTML editor.
  • Allow multiple authors to work on the same Web document
  • Create public course pages or personal homepages
  • ...2 more annotations...
  • Create Your Own Wiki
  • use a wiki for a class project

Audio Content - 3 views

  • The Best Choice...according to the experts
  • Use MP3 format since it is the one of the most widely supported.
  • Audacity is a freeware program in the Student Computer Labs which allows users to quickly record sound and convert them to MP3.
  • ...3 more annotations...
  • Copyrighted Music Files
  • or 10% of the total length if the song is shorter than three minutes
  • Podcast or play only 30 seconds worth of audio
    Audio tips to include in online learning 

Discovery Education Web2014 : Web 2.0 Tools - Video Tools - 3 views


    This easy, fun and free site allows you to create slideshows with built in polls and quizzes.
    • arinceglia
      Built in polls and quizzes make presenting become an interactive exercise with formative, inline, point-of-use feedback!
    Video enhances your website like nothing else. I plan on using video in the next rewrite of my online course
  • ...2 more comments...
    Video Tools

    The Video Tools feature is something I would need to think about using. I have numerous years of video producing, shooting, editing, and narrating. But putting together high quality video presentations is a lot of work, and very time consuming. However, I do understand there are quite a few persons who are "visual learners". For them, I would take the extra time to create video presentations and utilize them here, if needed.

    I am very interested in the online quiz feature associated with Video Tools.

    This easy, fun and free site allows you to create slideshows with built in polls and quizzes."
    Looks like a great site to help kids become better preasenters of information.
    Web 2.0 information on video assistance plus youtube video
    This appears to have tons of information about enhancing videos for blended ed or online learning.

Screencast-O-Matic - Free online screen recorder for instant screen capture video sharing. - 1 views

    The BEST screen cast tool, in my opinion. I use this a lot to answer student questions in a more engaging manner. Share your screen and do picture in picture so students can see you and your screen at one time. This takes the level of interaction between facilitator and student to new online levels.
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