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Karen Molineaux

EF Online Etiquette Tip - 0 views

  • Be honest and share your opinion by using emoticons. This behavior is not as important as the others, but I have noticed that classes in which students use emoticons have happier students. So whether you agree or disagree with something, or think something is funny, use the emoticon. Your fellow students and teacher all appreciate it.
    Interesting tip that I think would apply to online learning, or blogging, etiquette.
Heather Taft

Discovery Education: Tech Tips Blog: Google Docs: The educator's one-stop (online) shop - 0 views

  • absolutely free
  • All your work is stored safely and securely online and can be accessed from any computer--whether at home, school, your local library or your favorite coffee shop.
  • Encourage students to create and share blogs, book reviews, journals, art and photography portfolios, videos and other creative work.
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  • You can give students access to things like assignments, class notes and practice quizzes, and even set up a drop-box for homework.
  • Real-time, online collaboration means students can work and communicate instantaneously with kids across the globe.
  • The ultimate writer's tool Google Docs is useful for any class that involves writing and revision.
  • Use the Google Docs search option to access a variety of templates, lesson plans and other user-created forms,
  • Collaborate online in real-time--and on your own time
    More to google docs than I knew!  Great for online collaboration, not just writing!

Landmarks Class Blogmeister - 0 views

  • shortening of the term Web log, the Blog is an online publishing tool that enables people to easily publish their loves, passions, dislikes, peeves, discoveries, and insights. Thousands of teachers have discovered the value of classroom blogging, both as an avenue for their communications, but also as a tool for giving voice to what their students are learning and how they are learning. Class Blogmeister is one of several blogging engines that have been developed specifically for classroom use. You are welcome to explore the writings of teachers and students alike.
    Class Blogmeister was developed specifically for classroom use which can make it easier for teachers to use than other products.
    Many schools utilize blogs as the portals for communication between the classroom, student, and home. They are easy to use and they are effective communication tools.
Dennis OConnor

Tony Bates - 1 views

  • Dr. Tony Bates is the author of eleven books in the field of online learning and distance education. He has provided consulting services specializing in training in the planning and management of online learning and distance education, working with over 40 organizations in 25 countries. Tony is a Research Associate with Contact North | Contact Nord, Ontario’s Distance Education & Training Network.
Karen Veldhuizen

Why Formative Assessments Matter | Edutopia - 1 views

    An excellent an thought provoking Blog entry with comments about the importance of formative assessment and how e-learning can make it happen.
Margot Laird

Web 2.0 in the Classroom - 0 views

    A blog whose purpose is to explore resources and ideas for "everything Web 2.0 in the classroom." Resources are rich in type and quantity.
Jon Jones - Get a Free Blog Here - 3 views

    This free blog site offers many different themes, follows stats, and allows easy uploads from You-Tube, Flickr and Photobucket. It has great tutorials and support. Especially in the case of adult education, this site could easily be used for the purpose of a reflective journal, to organize class content, and to save finished assignments and projects. It also offers a forum for sharing these things with classmates and getting feedback.
    WordPress is a blogging site that I plan on using in my mathematics classroom to share lesson notes, videos, and help sites to my students.
Donna F

QuestChain - Multimedia Surveys, Questionnaires, Polls, e-Learning & Feedbacks - 0 views

    The Next Generation Multimedia Surveys Platform
Donna F

Learning Without Limits - 0 views

    With the generous support of K12 Inc., we've assembled this collection of stories from our archives to help school leaders better understand the online-learning landscape-and how it's transforming education as we know it.
Donna F

The Innovative Educator: Tips for Successful Online Course Facilitation - 0 views

    More information about what we should be aware of in our future online teaching role.
Andy Hepburn

The Thinking Stick - 1 views

    Great blog resource for learning about upcoming trends in web technology
    Great resource for learning about upcoming trends in web technology
    Excellent ED Tech blog - with great links and presentations. There is wealth of information on this site related to online education. More of professional development site than a tool for instruction, but very interesting.
Mary Murray

National Marine Sanctuaries Education - 0 views

  • The Ocean for Life program is an initiative to increase cultural understanding through ocean science. Ocean for Life will provide high quality, immersive ocean field studies and follow-on education programs to facilitate cross-cultural learning, appreciation, and lasting experiences between Middle Eastern and Western students. We invite teachers to help with the recruitment of high school students for our pilot field studies during the summer of 2009. Student applications are due February 27, 2009.
Chelle Barnaby

Record by phone with - 0 views

  • record using your phone or VoIP Recording audio has never been easier! Simply call us using a touch-tone telephone or a VoIP client. No microphone or audio editing software required. VoIP recording is FREE! Telephone recording is just $0.10/min - there are no other costs involved. create podcasts Are you an audiophile? No. Then why concern yourself with the complexities of podcasting? Let us do the heavy lifting. Yes. Upload your studio produced episodes. Each of your channels can be subscribed to by an RSS client like iTunes, IE7, Firefox or any number of web-based portals. post audio to your blogs Post audio content to your blogs! We integrate with popular blogging software like Blogger, TypePad, WordPress and more! create audio greetings Create audio greetings to welcome users to your website! Or use a greeting as an audio avatar or signature in an email! host conference calls
    Record messages to your class using VoIP or your telephone. Allows online class to hear your voice. Let students discuss topics with an audio response rather than type only.
Staci Rubenzer

The Future of Education - Charting the Course of Education and Learning in a Networked ... - 0 views

    social network community of teachers sharing resources and information
Shelley Lee

To what extent do Web 2.0 tools support and enhance pedagogy?: How Learning Theories He... - 2 views

    try this one....
    This one talks about the latest research on social constructivism and web 2.0 materials.
John Lyle

Education and Training Blogs // BlogCatalog - 0 views

    List of education and training blogs. Every subject under the sun.
Michael McHugh

eLearning Learning - 2 views

  • Concepts Learning (29671) Blogging (13786) Develop (13538) Create (12897) Informal (12477) Train (12429) Design (11942) Technology (11620) eLearning (11212) Social (11017) MORE >>
  • Fewer Full-Sized Courses. More learning snacks, ePubs, Videos, and Reference Tools This is an excerpt from  Sharon Boller’s  newest white paper,  Learning Trends, Technologies and Opportunities. The white paper describes today’s learning landscape… then predicts 7 trends for the next 12 – 18 months. As tablets and phones enter the workplace, we also see clients getting excited by “just-in-time” access to ePubs and reference tools. complete. ePubs. Videos. MORE >>
  • Infographic on Making Money with an Educational App Here is an interesting infographic. In the span of 2 years an independent developer earned nearly $700,000 in profit from educational apps. Here’s a look at how he did it and what we can learn from his experience. thought you and your readership might be interested in the infographic. Please take a look and feel free to reuse it on Kapp Notes or elsewhere. Sent to me by Muhammad Saleem. MORE >>
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  • 50 suggestions for implementing 70-20-10 50 suggestions for implementing 70-20-10. part 1 of 5. People learn their jobs by doing their jobs. Effective managers make stretch. assignments and coach their team members. Experience is the teacher, and managers shape those experiences. These posts offer guidance to managers who want to make learning from experience and conversation more effective. The potential is great. Quite the contrary. MORE >>
  • Exploration On the flight from Houston to San Jose for ASTD Tech Knowledge , I once again marveled at how much open space there still is left in this country. Somewhere Over New Mexico. few years ago I went to New Hampshire to do some user testing for SkillSoft. remember mentioning to a colleague during the flight that I was surprised how much undeveloped land there was. has actually been developed. Explore.
    Related to Tony Karrer's blog Elearning Technology
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    eLearning Learning is a community that tries to collect and organize the best information on the web that will help you learn and stay current on eLearning.
    Great site. Check out the web 2.0 related links down the left side of the screen.
    Great elearning site to search for web 2.0 technologies.
    Most current and up-to-date information on e-learning.
    Great layout here, with articles of note in the center and links for filtering content down the left-hand side.
John Mulvaney

edublogger - 1 views

    How to use blogging in the classroom
    Great site for educators to share ideas and collaborate, quick and easy setup
Darin Pardoe | Tech&Learning - Ideas and Tools for Ed Tech Leaders - 0 views

    This link has several articles relating to blogging in education.
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