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Oxford Home Study College

Free E-learning - 2 views

If you want to be a part of online educational system, Oxford Home Study College is offering you a golden chance. College is offering numerous free online courses for all over the world. Interested...

e-learning Home Study Courses Online

started by Oxford Home Study College on 10 Mar 16 no follow-up yet
Julie Golden

Need Your Help!! - 6 views

Please consider taking my survey. It is anonymous, so I won't be able to send a proper thank you.Please know that I will pay your kindness forward to another doctoral student in need and will send ...

web 2.0 e-learning learning socialmedia faculty online community research

started by Julie Golden on 03 Sep 15 no follow-up yet
Giovanna Doll

Avoiding Conflict Online - 0 views

    The article includes "five key attributes of online communication to take into consideration" and "four tips to avoid online misunderstandings."
Heather Taft

Discovery Education: Tech Tips Blog: Google Docs: The educator's one-stop (online) shop - 0 views

  • absolutely free
  • All your work is stored safely and securely online and can be accessed from any computer--whether at home, school, your local library or your favorite coffee shop.
  • Encourage students to create and share blogs, book reviews, journals, art and photography portfolios, videos and other creative work.
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  • You can give students access to things like assignments, class notes and practice quizzes, and even set up a drop-box for homework.
  • Real-time, online collaboration means students can work and communicate instantaneously with kids across the globe.
  • The ultimate writer's tool Google Docs is useful for any class that involves writing and revision.
  • Use the Google Docs search option to access a variety of templates, lesson plans and other user-created forms,
  • Collaborate online in real-time--and on your own time
    More to google docs than I knew!  Great for online collaboration, not just writing!
Nicole Suri

Moodlerooms Knowledge Base - 1 views

    Moodle how to guides
Nicole Suri

Education tool: enrich your education process, Online whiteboard | RealtimeBoard - 0 views

    tool for collaboration, real time feedback possible
Damita Majette

Preparing Online Students for Success - DE Oracle - 0 views

    Twitter Article
James Alva

How has electronic whiteboard affected E-learning - 0 views

    With Electronic whiteboard, online teacher can improve communication between teacher and students, easily to check teaching effectiveness, make the course easier to understand.
Jack Hanpton

Best eLearning solutions an effective way of delivering training - 0 views

    Red Chip Solutions is an e-Learning service provider company offers eLearning development in India, mobile & game based learning, rapid authoring & other e Learning solutions for more details call us on - 020- 24261176
Waunita Scott

Teach Outside the Classroom - 7 views

    A variety of resources for transitioning from traditional face-to-face instruction to online teaching for novice and seasoned educators

Why Do you opt for Part time University study courses - 1 views

    The benefits and advantages associated with part time university study makes it a popular and sought after option amongst working professionals.Read this article and know your answer.
Dennis OConnor

Online Assessment - 34 strategies - 15 views

Nice work Kristina, You've found some solid sources here!

online assessment strategies e-learning

Ann Kenady

Illinois Online Network - 3 views

online faculty development; e-learning

started by Ann Kenady on 25 Jan 13 no follow-up yet
Laura Pearle

Online Students: What Do We Want? | nephthysnile - 4 views

    • Laura Pearle
      Great look at what online education offers to students, from student perspective.
  • Using online tools are only useful if they actually offer students something that they need or want from their study. Online tools are only as good as the education they offer. If tutors are not engaging with their students or if the unit materials are not accessible, then what good is the delivery system?
  • We expect a system that values us as students. As GENUINE students. We want tutors and lecturers who actually care that we can get and understand the material they are using to facilitate our knowledge.
  • ...1 more annotation...
  • You need to make sure your students can actually find the resources so they can understand your lectures and complete assignments.
Michele W.

Online Teacher Tools -- Compiled by Diana Dell - 0 views

    WOW! There are so many teaching aids available online. I like the Rubric Makers and Lesson Plans sections of Diana Dell's Online Teacher Tools article.
Maggie Rouman

Communication 101: How to Make a Well-Thought-Out Point Online | Online Universities - 4 views

    "Some things never change. What you say and how you say it defines you in an on-campus class, and this is even truer in an online class because all you have to show for yourself are your words. Though video communication is now easier and more widespread, text and words will be always be predominant because they are so efficient if used properly in expressing an idea. All modern electronic media, from film, to radio, to television, to games, begins with someone sitting down and writing words, which are then translated for various media. First impressions are lasting, and as an online student most first impressions are made in a chat session, on Twitter, Facebook, or email - so the words you choose are even more important."
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