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Dennis OConnor

9 Tips To Apply Adult Learning Theory to eLearning - eLearning Industry - 5 views

  • Adult learners acquire new information and build upon existing knowledge much more effectively if they are encouraged to explore a topic on their own.
  • projects that involve minimal instructor intervention.
  • That means that you'll have to take into account that your adult learning audience is going to be more diverse, especially in terms of backgrounds, experience levels, and skill sets.
  • ...17 more annotations...
  • Create activities that encourage adult learners to use sites like LinkedIn and Google Plus as invaluable tools.
  • need to know the why and when
  • information can be applied in the immediate future
  • solve problems they encounter on a regular basis (in the here-and-now
  • real world examples and scenarios
  • offering them a reason for every eLearning activity
  • eedback from adult learners allows you to achieve this
  • Adults must have a hand in the design and development of their learning experience.
  • Experience should be at the root of all eLearning tasks and activities.
  • create projects and exercises that encourage adult learners to go out and explore the subject matter, thereby gaining experience.
  • Real life applications and benefits must be tied to the eLearning course.
  • advantage in real life
  • apply to real world situations
  • absorb information, rather than memorizing it.
  • courses should be problem-centered
  • ine tune skill sets and acquire (and retain) practical knowledge
  • doing, rather than just memorizing

Online Science Education - 4 views

    As a science teacher I am interested in finding ways to reach all students with interactive activities. I have focused mostly on virtual labs, videos, and activities that can be used to teach high school biology in an online classroom
Karen Molineaux

Instructional Design for E-Learning | - 11 views

    Instructional Design for E-Learning is my new Magazine. In it, I have started compiling resources for course designing that is e-learning based. Check it out!!
Syed Amjad Ali

Soft-skills training for employees via E-learning - 1 views

Soft-skills training use full for employee what good looks like and giving the some introductory practice opportunities. Soft-skills are important port in a company culture. Please have a look at f...

Soft-skills E-learning

started by Syed Amjad Ali on 06 Feb 15 no follow-up yet
Juan Garcia Araez

Puzzlemaker - 1 views

    A site to create many different puzzles, crosswords and other games for the classroom.

Archive of Learning Design Insrtuctinal Guides - 4 views

    Module 3 - Introduction to Crafting Questions for On-line Discussions. This guide from Penn State leads you through an excellent tutorial on how to use questions to promote critical thinking. *Study this resource. You'll be asked to apply these ideas to create your own discussion prompt. (Bookmark this site with Diigo!)
    This guide from Penn State leads you through an excellent tutorial on how to use questions to promote critical thinking.

Wikis - 4 views

  • a tool which allows a group of users to edit a set of Web documents from a browser without needing to use a separate HTML editor.
  • Allow multiple authors to work on the same Web document
  • Create Your Own Wiki
  • ...2 more annotations...
  • Create public course pages or personal homepages
  • use a wiki for a class project

Audio Content - 3 views

  • The Best Choice...according to the experts
  • Use MP3 format since it is the one of the most widely supported.
  • Audacity is a freeware program in the Student Computer Labs which allows users to quickly record sound and convert them to MP3.
  • ...3 more annotations...
  • Copyrighted Music Files
  • or 10% of the total length if the song is shorter than three minutes
  • Podcast or play only 30 seconds worth of audio
    Audio tips to include in online learning 

How To Teach Music And Art Online | Edudemic - 1 views

  • the student market has changed as well.
  • Think about prerecorded vs. live video chat
  • what you need and what is best for you to set up your online classroom/studio
  • ...3 more annotations...
  • everal videoconferencing software’s out there (such as WebEx by Cisco) features extended tools such as simultaneous document sharing that you can make real time notes to
  • Courser
  • Think about the big picture with online education and yourself as a freelance educator.

TechArtOnline307.pdf - 1 views

  • How
  • ey
    Teaching Art Online. My highlights aren't all showing up for some reason...Working to get this fixed!

web 2.0 tools - 4 views

learning our community and group (trial post) - I am struggling to post my bookmark and looking for tips

E-learning class UWStout

started by thielk on 17 Jan 15 no follow-up yet

About |! - 3 views

    Talk up to 30 seconds and record information for sharing. 

    Works well for student or peer feedback.

    Short voice clips, forces user to summarize information.  

    It could also be used for children learning to read.  Parents can see how a child progress from the beginning, middle and end of year.

    Assessment tool.

    Has the ability to be incorporate into a presentation (i.e. grant - work review using student feedback)

Screencast-O-Matic - Free online screen recorder for instant screen capture video sharing. - 1 views

    The BEST screen cast tool, in my opinion. I use this a lot to answer student questions in a more engaging manner. Share your screen and do picture in picture so students can see you and your screen at one time. This takes the level of interaction between facilitator and student to new online levels.
brandybreuckman share. contribute - 0 views

    A resource where you can explore web 2.0 tools and other resources. Educators contribute and share their favorite Web 2.0 tools. See tutorials for each tools before you download.
Karen Molineaux

Blog - EduTech Wiki - 1 views

  • 3 Blogging Etiquette
  • 3.1 Blogging etiquette for student and teacher bloggers
      • do not be offensive when you express your opinion;
      • do not include any personal information about you or other people in your posts;
      • write things that are factual.
    A few other items that we sometimes forget to include in an outline for blogging etiquette, that are imperative to remind students of...
Karen Molineaux

EF Online Etiquette Tip - 0 views

  • Be honest and share your opinion by using emoticons. This behavior is not as important as the others, but I have noticed that classes in which students use emoticons have happier students. So whether you agree or disagree with something, or think something is funny, use the emoticon. Your fellow students and teacher all appreciate it.
    Interesting tip that I think would apply to online learning, or blogging, etiquette.
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