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Nigel Coutts

The challenge and promise of learning organisations - The Learner's Way - 0 views

    There is a great deal that I like about this description of humanity at its best from Ryan & Deci. It is both a goal to be achieved and an indicator of conditions which are required for us to fulfil our potential. While the focus of this statement is on the actions of the individual we can see how society might act to deny individuals the opportunities to lead such an inspired and agentic life. I like to imagine what a school might be like if every individual who plays a part in its functioning strove to extend themselves, master new skills and apply their talents responsibly.  Maybe schools would be like the 'learning organisations' described by Peter Senge. 
Nigel Coutts

Confronting the fear and challenge of a new curriculum - The Learner's Way - 1 views

    Our learners will never now a world where Digital Technologies are not the norm. Using solutions developed within this space and with this mindset is already their normal. Unless they are to be slaves to this technology we must also empower them to be creators of digital solutions. To do this we must begin with recognising the challenges that a curriculum built around mastery of Digital Technologies brings to our teachers and seek to understand the supports they require.
Dennis OConnor

Internet Search Challenge: Is the Internet Making Us Stupid? - 0 views

  • Some of the deepest reading I've done has been online. For me, investigative searching provides balance for shallow skimming and relentless surfing. Taking a little time to track down the source of information, determine if inaccuracies have been overlooked, becoming familiar with who links to the information--these represent deeper thinking. In fact, I've probably done more deeper thinking online paying attention to clues on which credibility depends than I've done with works in print. Juried or edited works in print tend not to require as much investigation.
    Concerned that reading online is leading to a generation of shallow thinkers unable to focus? Carl Heine makes the case for evaluation of digital information as a critical reading and thinking skill.
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