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Libby Hilsendager

View Content - E-Learning For Educators-FA11-900C-2286 - Stout - 2 views

    Libby as a cartoon character! :)
    Shoot! My screen capture didn't work! I'll have to try again! :)
    Round 2....
Bhaskar Singh

A Safe Haven in Cartoon Confidants - 1 views

    This article is about a Mexican psychologist who invented cartoon characters called 'Antenas' for therapy. Often abused children shut-up and do not trust adults. Her cartoon characters 'Antenas' come from 'Antenas' planet and are manipulated by trained professionals behind the scenes. The result is impressive in the sense that children open-up to the characters rather than adults. Julia Borbolla, the child philologist who created these characters does not believe in taking them commercial and prefers to use them in professional settings only. Her website is: and
Nina Levine

Cartoon Gallery - 2 views

    From Now On author/creator Jamie McKenzie and artist/cartoonist Jerry King, this collection of cartoons highlights and pokes fun at the nexus of technology and schools. The creators offer educators wide discretion in using these images to inject humor on webpages, etc.
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