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Dennis OConnor

Mixed Reality Brings New Life to K-12 Classrooms - EdTech Magazine - 0 views

  • See how augmented and virtual reality help students retain material and where experts see mixed reality tech is going in education.
  • AutoCAD, students can create 3D objects and construct virtual worlds, offering experience in computer science skills and using the VR technology to immerse themselves in their education.
  • Tinkercad
    • Dennis OConnor
      Maker STEM connection is enormous.
    "See how augmented and virtual reality help students retain material and where experts see mixed reality tech is going in education. "
Dennis OConnor

Can AR/VR Improve Learning? Integrating Extended Reality Into Academic Programs #DLNcha... - 0 views

  • Jennifer Albat condensed her definitions into a poetically simple equation: “AR = Places objects where you are, VR = Takes you to new places.”
  • What educational activities lend themselves to the use of 3D technologies? And what are the most effective 3D technologies for various learning goals?”
  • what are the potential side effects of VR/AR learning
  • ...8 more annotations...
  • dangers of virtual harassment
  • One current challenge is ensuring equal access across abilities
  • research with Gallaudet University, their pilot with mixed reality raised a host of issues not previously considered for learners who are hard of hearing.
  • create quick and basic VR. Think Wix website design
  • My biggest concern is the resources needed to develop and the associated costs
  • the technology has not only caught up, but surpassed our pedagogical vision
  • Only 4% of students reporting having access to #AR or #VR headsets
  • I believe XR [extended reality] tech will open up educational possibilities with an impact we haven't yet grasped
    "When educators talk about bringing learning into the real world does that include the virtual world? Proponents claim virtual and augmented reality can enhance learning experiences like we've never seen before, bringing students into contact with environments they otherwise wouldn't have access to. But can mixed reality become too real for the learner? Could it stifle creativity? And should we be concerned, or will the hype fade? On Tuesday, July 10 the Digital Learning Network of faculty, administrators, instructional designers and entrepreneurs got together to discuss how academic programs should integrate AR/VR into the curriculum."

With so many institutions raging in the country, EducationInsta makes your experience h... - 0 views

    Featuring the Best Colleges for Engineering in India, Best Colleges for commerce in India, Best colleges for Law
Debbie Beaudry

Video Story Problems on Vimeo - 1 views

    Math teacher created a series of videos where he's out in the world and asking about math problems, e.g., I've got coupons and Kohls cash for $100, can I buy everything I need. Cool concept to have kids create them.
DeZyre Academy

10 Ways the Big Data Wave Is Changing Your Job - 0 views

    The headlines suggest data scientists now have the coolest jobs and career paths. But how did we arrive at this point? Here are the factors and the ways your job is set to change -- even more.

K-12 Education: One-to-One Technology - 1 views

    Does one-to-one technology improve student achievement?
Dennis OConnor

Free Technology for Teachers: Using Wall Wisher in the Classroom - 9 views

    "For those who have never tried Wallwisher before, it is very easy to use. To get started simply go to and click "build a wall." Then title your wall, choose a URL for your wall, enter your name and email, and start adding sticky notes to the wall. Sticky notes added to a Wallwisher wall can contain up to 160 characters of text plus links to images and videos. You can choose to make your wall private or public. If you choose the public option anyone can quickly add sticky notes to your wall. If you want to approve additions to the wall before they appear, that's an option too. Choosing the public settings is allows for the quickest set-up and use of Wallwisher as you only need to give students the URL of your wall in order for them to add notes to the wall."
David Carpenter

Physlets Home Page - 1 views

    Davidson college runs this site to support science education.
David Carpenter

Gizmos! Online simulations that power inquiry and understanding. | ExploreLearning - 3 views

    Subscription service for science and math simulations.
David Carpenter

Personal Learning System (PLS) - 1 views

    Resources to help students find tools and other resources to build out their learning toolkit.

Technology Integration-It's Elementary | - 3 views

    Resources for tech integration K-8.
David Carpenter

Learning Activity Types (LAT) - 0 views

    Pedagogy comes before the tools as Dr. Harris and Dr. Hofer of William Mary apply the TPACK approach to curriculum-based technology integration. LEARNING ACTIVITY TYPES K-6 Literacy Mathematics Music Physical Education Science Secondary English Language Arts Social Studies Visual Arts World Languages.
David Carpenter

Home Page - 2 views

    Educational technology for K-16 educators. If you are looking for ed tech resources, a great resource provider is Kathy Schrock. See the resources sites in the navigation bar.
David Carpenter

Top 100 Tools for Learning 2014 - 2 views

    This is a well-known listing of tools that is updated frequently. They cover a range from communication, creation, curation, etc.

Google Forms - create and analyze surveys, for free. - 0 views

    This would be a great tool to use in my current classroom.  I could create exit slips in an electronic format.  I would have students complete a quick question before leaving to check for a basic understanding of concepts.

Interactive Mathematics Miscellany and Puzzles - 1 views

  • Logic
  • Equations of the Straight Line
    Logic puzzles that give an example and interactive visual. Works on Problem Solving

Animoto - Dashboard - 1 views

    animoto -- create engaging videos to introduce concepts or elaborate on something.. I make these all of the time for social studies class at 7th grade level. They love it because it involves music and I love it because it is so easy to put together. Take a look!

Online Science Education - 5 views

    As a science teacher I am interested in finding ways to reach all students with interactive activities. I have focused mostly on virtual labs, videos, and activities that can be used to teach high school biology in an online classroom

How To Teach Music And Art Online | Edudemic - 1 views

  • the student market has changed as well.
  • Think about prerecorded vs. live video chat
  • what you need and what is best for you to set up your online classroom/studio
  • ...3 more annotations...
  • everal videoconferencing software’s out there (such as WebEx by Cisco) features extended tools such as simultaneous document sharing that you can make real time notes to
  • Courser
  • Think about the big picture with online education and yourself as a freelance educator.

TechArtOnline307.pdf - 1 views

  • Howdoyouteachartonline?
  • eycantryagain.
    Teaching Art Online. My highlights aren't all showing up for some reason...Working to get this fixed!
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