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Reaching Out to Struggling Online Students with Web 2.0 Technology - 4 views

    This well researched article lets the reader understand better the issues related to lack of learner engagement and motivation and shows how the use of social media in the online classroom may help struggling students develop a sense of belonging and fulfillment.
Debi Griggs

The Negative Effects of Facebook on Communication | Social Media Today - 2 views

  • Facebook and other social media channels are redefining how and what we communicate with potentially equally neg ative consequences
  • In Mickey D’s case, that has meant coming to value convenience, low cost, and potentially taste, over nutrition, with enormous consequences for the health of our country. For Facebook and other social media channels, by contrast, it has meant fundamentally shifting, perhaps even bastardizing, how we communicate
  • We’ve seen sentences communicating complete thoughts devolve into esoteric sound bites laced with a dizzying array of fragments and acronyms.
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  • Perhaps most importantly, we are witnessing how social media is helping to foster a society that values frequent communication more than meaningful communication.
  • We are now also communicating different types of information that are often are far more personal in nature
  • Just as we’ll gobble up any new item on the menu at McDonald’s, with little regard to what we’re actually eating, we’ll seemingly share any information that Facebook gives us a new and novel way to communicate no matter how personal.
  • For example, today our communications need to be shorter and more frequent, since people increasingly value quick hits that allow them to glean important information and then quickly move on.
  • Similarly, our communications need to be far more visual to capture our shrinking attention spans, a reality that is playing itself out in the form of infographics, viral videos, and picture-oriented social media sites such as Instagram. Our content also needs to be more personal to appeal to a new generation that has come to expect access to more intimate information.
  • As social media continues to alter our communication, the long-term implications, particularly for those young enough to never have known anything different, could be significant.
  • So, the next time you’re at McDonald’s, consider passing on the fries. And, the next time you’re on Facebook, think about paying a bit more attention to what you’re communicating and how. After all, the negative effects of Facebook may be far greater than you realize.
    Interesting ideas about how the "consumption" of FB could leave the country as under nourished as eating full time at Micky D's.
    I agree the article is interesting. I like the analogy. After refusing to join FB for many years I joined about 9 months ago and continue to ponder how it is used. Thanks for posting it.
Meredith Smith

Facebook - 1 views

    Facebook pages and/or Facebook groups can be used interactively by people. They can be used for calendars, events, pictures, discussions, links, and there are other possibilities.
    If you use Facebook, be sure to like our E-Learning and Online Teaching page at: ! Daily updates on E-Learning Issues. Job leads too! ~ Dennis
Dennis OConnor

The Ultimate Guide to The Use of Facebook in Education - 2 views

  • There is a growing controversy over the use of Facebook in education.Some argue for its integration  and others disfavour  it. I believe that the main reason behind this controversy is the lack of solid empirical researches about the overall value of not only Facebook but all other popular social networking in education.
Kristina (Kris) Peachey (AAS/NZAS)

New Facebook Effort Targets Educating School Counselors - US News and World Report - 5 views

  • a new guide is promoting a need for educators to be familiar with Facebook, the country's most popular social network.
  • helping develop school policies, responding to online incidents, detecting at-risk behavior on Facebook, and dealing with how students represent themselves on the platform. 
  • n a September 2011 survey of 359 colleges and universities, Kaplan Test Prep revealed that 24 percent of admissions officers reported using Facebook or other social networking pages to research an applicant. 
Joe Cilli

Facebook Is Most Popular Social Network for All Ages; LinkedIn Is Second [STUDY] - 0 views

  • Twitter, the third most used social network, is most popular among younger users, and membership drops off incrementally for older audiences
  • Twitter ,
  • Facebook is the only one that knows no generational limits
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  • Facebook beats the other social networking sites by a long-shot, too. LinkedIn, the next most popular site, claims only 28% of the U.S. adult online population.
  • The youngest members are also likely to be the most active users of any of the social networks.
  • Forrester’s survey was conducted online in July — shortly after Google+ launched, so Google’s social network is absent from the findings
    Interesting report from Forrester Research. Really nothing earth-shattering, but it kind of proves the point that everyone is on Facebook and it's a powerful tool for business and education. Guess I have to get an account now! I am very curious to see what, if any, impact Google+ has on Facebooks domination.
Dennis OConnor

Distractions Begone! Facebook as a Study Tool | MindShift - 3 views

  • Protecting student safety has been the rationale behind the recent spate of laws restricting teachers’ and students’ communication via social networking. The laws call into into question once again the educational value of these sorts of online social tools: Why do teachers need to talk to students on Facebook? Shouldn’t students be studying? Isn’t Facebook just a waste of time?
Dennis OConnor

ELearning and Online Teaching - 7 views

  • Current courses offering:Universal Design & Online Accessibility
    Here's the E-Learning and Online Teaching Facebook Page. I post news, tips, and e-learning resources here daily. Sometimes they are based on my Diigo posts, sometimes not. Feel free to drop by and give it a 'Like'. 8-)
Dennis OConnor

Cool Cat Teacher Blog: Facebook Friending 101 for Schools - 0 views

  • Facebook has added an incredible complexity to our lives and relationships for one simple reason: it is in writing. The courts have always put things "in writing" in higher esteem above word of mouth. Now that we are inundated with video, text, and photographs and a set of complex relationships - we end up with things "in writing" that are distributed far beyond our true "friends" into  places that get us in trouble.
John Porterfield

The Innovative Educator: 10 Ways Facebook Strengthens the Student - Teacher Connection - 1 views

    Ways that students, their teachers, their principal, and others have have found Facebook to be an effective tool in strengthening the educator / student bond.
Deborah Pace

How Social Networking Helps Teaching (and Worries Some Professors) - 0 views

    Professors, Learn how to use Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube in their classrooms, and issues related to the hypersocial technologies.
Kevin Schuchmann

BBC News - The top 100 sites on the internet - 9 views

    Use this interactive graphic to find out which are the biggest sites on the internet, as measured by the Nielsen company.
John Mulvaney

Facebook - 0 views

    Facebook is a social utility that connects people with friends and others who work, study and live around them
    Facebook allows its users to communicate through social networking and allso allows for live chat with "friends" allows for blogging and video upload and pcture upload
TA Hennard

How To Import Your Blog Posts Into Facebook | The Edublogger - 1 views

    I follow the Edublogger because she gives concrete, practical tips on starting blogs, copyright issues, etc. Her ideas for using web 2.0 technology are great and done in such a way that they are instantly useful (e.g. with examples, instructions, etc).
    Blog that gives instructions and advice on using web 2.0 tools. Great blog for learning how to blog.
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