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iPads in the Classroom - 5 views

    This is a compendium of several threads related to iPads used primarily in college classrooms: how iPads are used effectively by students, how iPads/apps affect student learning (if it can be said), and how faculty are using iPads, whether they see a benefit, how their use has changed their teaching, are there different activities they do.
Diane Cooper

Lift the Cell Phone Ban | - 2 views

    Cell Phones - use of technology in the classroom

Hot Bookmarks | Diigo - 1 views

shared by javangwe36 on 06 Dec 13 - No Cached
    • javangwe36
      This is a good way to also check how creative your students are.
Lisa Cooper

What Is The Flipped Classroom Model And Why Is It Amazing? (With Infographic) - Forbes - 7 views

  • I recommend reading the arguments for carefully. Meanwhile, the arguments against are pretty hilariously silly:
  • Need it be pointed out that the whole point of the flipped classroom is that it replaces homework?
  • “The Digital Divide.” This is actually a reasonable argument. The flipped classroom model assumes that kids have access to internet access and internet-enabled devices, and this is not yet true for everyone
  • ...3 more annotations...
  • The whole idea of the flipped classroom model is to get rid of homework, which doesn’t work, and replace it with videos so that all classroom can be interactive.
  • he whole point of the lectures is to enable much more hands-on teaching during the day.
  • With the right setting, kids love to learn.
    Potential pros and cons of the flipped classroom.
Thomas Sagstetter

Google Custom Search - Mobile Technology in the Classroom - 5 views

    Here is my Custom Search for Mobile Technology in the Classroom. I'll continue to improve it, but any insight would be great!
Thomas Sagstetter

5 Reasons BYOD Technology in the Classroom Enhances Learning - 10 views

    5 Reasons BYOD Technology in the Classroom Enhances Learning
Thomas Sagstetter

Classroom Management Strategies | Problems with mobile phones in lessons? Try... - 5 views

    Problems with mobile phones in lessons? Try these classroom management strategies…
Thomas Sagstetter

Get creative in school with digital media | Classroom innovation | - 3 views

    Get creative in school with digital media

Electronic education: Flipping the classroom | The Economist - 0 views

    This article gives an interesting perspective into the  flipped classroom.  A flipped classroom is one, where lessons or the lecture, can be viewed online either at school or home.  Then, the teacher spends their time in class with activities to reinforce the lesson/content.  

    Khan Academy is an interesting tool for students to use for Math.  Many more video type lessons are becoming available for free.  Screencasting sites, like  Allow for teachers to create their own lecture videos.  
Jenifer Melton

Gaming in Education - 3 views

    Great resource highlighting some of the popular gaming sites.
Jenifer Melton

38 Interesting Blog Ideas for Classroom Blogs - 2 views

    • Jenifer Melton
      A pencast or a digital screen shot/recorder can also be linked to any blog to show a step by step guide.
Cindy Potteiger

New Update on the Amazing Web 2.0 Projects Book - Articles - Educational Tech... - 4 views

  • If you have already discovered this book then please take literally a couple of minutes to take part in this poll:

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    Web 2.0 case studies, from classrooms around the world. Great examples of innovative practice, and an insight into hurdles encountered and how they were surmounted. And it's all free!
    Book to download or read online - Not bad for a free resource!
cc omalley

Rubrics for Assessment Online Professional Development - UW Stout, Wisconsin's Polytech... - 6 views

    Rubrics for everything
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