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Carol Hartmann

Creativity: Effective practices in the classroom - 0 views

  • In order to teach creativity, one must teach creatively; that is, it will take a great deal of creative effort to bring out the most creative thinking in your classes. Of course, creativity is not the only required element for creative instructors. They must also know their fields and know how to create an appropriate learning environment. When will it be most important for you to offer direct instruction? When is discovery most important? What are your expectations and how can you best communicate them?
    Explore these pages to learn more about creativity, how creative thinking might be and is being taught at Iowa State and elsewhere, and you can teach creatively and teach for creativity, whatever your discipline. E-Resources based on Bloom's taxonomy detail techniques for creative teaching: including brainstorming, concept mapping, role-playing, storyboarding, DOIT, Random Input, Decision Tree, Questioning Activity and more...Just imagine the possibilities of applying these techniques to discussion threads.
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