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Desmos | Beautiful, Free Math - 0 views

    User friendly online graphing calculator.

Discovery Education Web2014 : Web 2.0 Tools - Presentation Tools - 1 views

    • jsanchezhadfield
      I really like the capability of combining programs like Notebook or smartboard, power point, PDF's or prezi into a one compatible platform.
  • Break out of the box! throws the slide-show model out the window and presents a giant canvas instead. (It also throws paint brushes out the window in favor of bubbles.)
    • jsanchezhadfield
      I use Prezi almost daily and the results are amazing. My students get glued to the screen and hopefully to more knowledge. The best part is that you can browse for hundreds if not thousands of Prezi presentation shared around the world
  • ...8 more annotations...
    • thielk
      I see this as a nonlinear path for presenting content, whereas a the slideshow is a story difficult to make modular
  • Presentation Tools Show, don't tell Web 2.0 brings a whole new dimension to the old adage "show, don't tell"—and lets you share your presentations anytime, anywhere, with anyone you like. With Web 2.0 you can push the boundaries of traditional presentations, mix things up, and make learning more engaging than ever before.
    • huehnsl
      I actually have used Prezi for some classroom presentations; I find it gives presenting a bit more dimension and interest...and frankly, it's fun! I've gotten several of my students to use it, when they didn't have Power Point. It's really a great free tool.
    • huehnsl
      Sorry, not sure if I was to leave my name. Thank you. Lisa
  • Prezi
  • SlideShare Already have a presentation? Use this tool to upload your PowerPoint or Keynote slides (and Adobe PDF Portfolios and SMART Board presentations) and share them.
    • carolyndcox
      For students and teacher presentations
  • Prezi Break out of the box! throws the slide-show model out the window and presents a giant canvas instead. (It also throws paint brushes out the window in favor of bubbles.)
    • arinceglia
      Prezi creates presentations that are out of this world, literally! Imagine being able to present your findings on the solar system -- not by following a linear, slide by slide structure, but instead following the structure of planets orbiting the sun! This "3d presentation tool" rocks!
  • Prezi Break out of the box! throws the slide-show model out the window and presents a giant canvas instead. (It also throws paint brushes out the window in favor of bubbles.)
    • daviwitz
      Most fun in presentation software. Better interface than PP or Google Slides, and easier to use than SlideRocket
    • johnsonm7565
      Have seen this used at conferences and thought it might be useful for me. Need to work on trying it out! - Mark
    Content in a modular format vrs, a story line of a slide show
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    "SlideShare Already have a presentation? Use this tool to upload your PowerPoint or Keynote slides (and Adobe PDF Portfolios and SMART Board presentations) and share them."
    Engaging learners with media in learning.
Jeremiah Stanley

How Scorm can help you use Tablets in Education! - 2 views

My Scoop-it article is a combination of information about the use of SCORM and tablets to educate students effectively about the devices they use. SCORM stands for Sharable Content Reference Model....

Tablets education scorm 1.2 2.0 tin can

started by Jeremiah Stanley on 07 Aug 14 no follow-up yet

PhotoPeach - Home - My shows - 0 views

    Simple, fast and fun. Created this little cloud Atlas in two minutes.

Reaching Out to Struggling Online Students with Web 2.0 Technology - 4 views

    This well researched article lets the reader understand better the issues related to lack of learner engagement and motivation and shows how the use of social media in the online classroom may help struggling students develop a sense of belonging and fulfillment.
Jeremiah Stanley

Web 2.0 Links for educators! - 8 views

Audioboo - is a web tool that allows you to record audio or upload an audio file and embed a player in your course. This tool can be used to create a dynamic course that gives student the ability t...

web 2.0 2.0

started by Jeremiah Stanley on 12 Jul 14 no follow-up yet

Collaborative Note Taking - 3 views

I know Google Docs, and others, allows for pretty good collaborative note taking and it is not open to all of the Internet. But I found this free software, called Gingko, which allows all students...

collaborative note taking Web 2.0

started by evansonline on 29 Jun 14 no follow-up yet
Scott Carey

Web 2.0 tools - 5 views

Here is a link for Web 2.0 tools. As a part of an assignement I was asked to become familiar with Web 2.0 and post about it. I wa...

web 2.0 tools

started by Scott Carey on 26 Sep 13 no follow-up yet

EasyBib: Free Bibliography Generator - MLA, APA, Chicago citation styles - 3 views

shared by plrichards on 14 Sep 13 - Cached
    Automatic works cited and bibliography formatting for MLA, APA and Chicago/Turabian citation styles. Now supports 7th edition of MLA.
    Bookmark This site helps you to develop bibliography, helpful for web citations.
Jay Marston

Prezi - Ideas matter. - 0 views

    Very simple to convert old power point presentations to this format, and much more interesting for the audience to watch.
    This is a great way to change up presentations from the traditional power point format. Working on converting one now, and will share with the group when completed.
    This looks like a much better way to present information, especially to high school age students, than the traditional power point format. I am in the process of creating a brief prezi on European schools of art, that I hope to share when I am finished. Hopefully it can be used whenever you reference a school of art from the Renaissance to Post-Impressionism, to give an historical perspective of where that particular school fits.

Jing: Free Small Vidoe Capture Program for 5 Minute Online Video Instructions - 2 views

  • Share Ideas
    • Melissa Shasteen
      Jing is a great (free) resource to use to make screenshot videos. I used this program when creating videos of myself talking with a powerpoint for a flipped lesson.
    • Lisa Jones
      Thanks for sharing the free resource to make screenshot videos, This will be very helpful in the class I want to build as students learn in many different formats. Thanks. Lisa Jones
    Use Jing to... Take Screenshots: Capture an image of what you see on your computer screen Record Screencasts: Record up to 5 minutes of onscreen video Collaborate: Jing's older siblings - Snagit and Camtasia - are great for editing and enhanced sharing View Features " Looking for Jing Pro?
    I love this tool. Create short video instructions with audio as you capture what you are doing onscreen. We used it to show instructors how to use certain tools in Desire2Learn. This is a small, free version of Camtasia and does not allow you to edit. It also must be under 5 minutes. Perfect for short instructions.
Ruth Bass

10 Things You Didn't Know Dropbox Could Do - 0 views

    Interesting site for using Dropbox a time saver.
Monica McQuaid

teachwithyouripad - Group Collaboration using iPADs - 6 views

    Group Collaboration using iPads - Web 2.0 applications
    iPad in the classroom
Karla Ruzicka

Home | Schoology - 0 views

    Schoology is a  site that provides collaboration and course management tools. Setting up a course or group shell is easy, as is uploading assignments and messages. 
Sue Hebson

Survey tool using mobile device - 0 views

    live response option provides formative assessment information
Laura Pearle - 3 views

  • is one of the new "curation" tools so in vogue today. Like Livebinders, it enables users to collect websites, annotating them and providing direct links into the original site. There is a great bookmarklet that allows you to "scoop" your sites easily (much like the Diigo bookmarklet). My Scoops directly feed into my Twitter account, alerting followers when I've found great new tools or ideas.
Meredith Smith

Facebook - 1 views

    Facebook pages and/or Facebook groups can be used interactively by people. They can be used for calendars, events, pictures, discussions, links, and there are other possibilities.
    If you use Facebook, be sure to like our E-Learning and Online Teaching page at: ! Daily updates on E-Learning Issues. Job leads too! ~ Dennis
Maggie Rouman

TeachersFirst Review - Tag Galaxy - 1 views

    Tag Galaxy is an amazing way to find a collection of Flickr images to illustrate or reinforce concepts. This site provides an unusual search tool that makes the online combing process a visual experience. This search tool pulls tags from photographs on Flickr, while taking you on a spinning journey through outer space. As the results settle, viewers come to rest in a galaxy containing one large star in the center and a series of outer planets. The central star contains all the images directly relating to the initial tag. The revolving planets consist of similar or corresponding tags. Click on a planet and additional sub-categories will appear. Click on the central star and Flickr images gather, and land on a gigantic 3D sphere. Select a photo to view, read the credits and caption. From here, it is possible to go directly to the author's Flickr Page and enjoy more photographs by the same artist. This site is also intriguing because of the way it illustrates the unfolding of the search process. It is the perfect site to use when explaining how Internet tags work, and how to organize and sort information. The site is the result of a Steven Wood's graduation thesis project while at Georg Simon Ohm University of Applied Sciences in Nuremberg.
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