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Heather Taft

Discovery Education: Tech Tips Blog: Google Docs: The educator's one-stop (online) shop - 0 views

  • absolutely free
  • All your work is stored safely and securely online and can be accessed from any computer--whether at home, school, your local library or your favorite coffee shop.
  • Encourage students to create and share blogs, book reviews, journals, art and photography portfolios, videos and other creative work.
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  • You can give students access to things like assignments, class notes and practice quizzes, and even set up a drop-box for homework.
  • Real-time, online collaboration means students can work and communicate instantaneously with kids across the globe.
  • The ultimate writer's tool Google Docs is useful for any class that involves writing and revision.
  • Use the Google Docs search option to access a variety of templates, lesson plans and other user-created forms,
  • Collaborate online in real-time--and on your own time
    More to google docs than I knew!  Great for online collaboration, not just writing!
Ryan Passaglia

Blogger - 1 views

    Want to create a blog?  This is a good place to start.  Very user friendly!
Anna Lardinois

Web 2.0 Free blogs - 0 views

    Blogger is a free and easy tool to get your ideas published online. Great for the self-created content that is key to Web 2.0 applications
Karen Natoli

web 2.0 Classroom Blog - 4 views

    "I can remember a particular English Teacher who used one of those terms in just about every sentence to us. "I have to provide you '21st Century Skills' or else you won't be prepared for college or the 'real world." Being a Senior, close to graduation, I didn't really want to know or even care about, what she was talking about; I just wanted out!"
    This blog has many interesting posts and some great resources
Jon Jones - Get a Free Blog Here - 3 views

    This free blog site offers many different themes, follows stats, and allows easy uploads from You-Tube, Flickr and Photobucket. It has great tutorials and support. Especially in the case of adult education, this site could easily be used for the purpose of a reflective journal, to organize class content, and to save finished assignments and projects. It also offers a forum for sharing these things with classmates and getting feedback.
    WordPress is a blogging site that I plan on using in my mathematics classroom to share lesson notes, videos, and help sites to my students.
Lisa Jones

New Feature - Save Links and Notes Through Email - 1 views

shared by Lisa Jones on 16 Jul 09 - Cached
  • Tip of the day: “Get Annotated Link” Have you ever wondered how you can share your “diigoed” page with someone who may not be a diigo user?  No problem ~ it’s actually quite easy with Diigo’s  innovative “Get Annotated link”! Diigo’s “Annotated Link” is a special URL provided by Diigo that allows you to share the current webpage complete with highlights & sticky notes to anyone.  Here is how:
    • Lisa Jones
      This is a great feature. Sticky notes have come a long way! Whatever makes it easier to find information needed or notes added is a great feature. Lisa Jones
  • Tip of the day: Use Diigo + Simultaneously ==================== Repost: Allowing Diigo to Play Nice with delicious By Michael Richards, Technology Integrator, Mildred L. Day School, Arundel, Main
  • Good news for Twitter fans:  check out  Diigo’s  “(Annotated) Twitter-This“  ~ we’ve combined the convenience of bookmarking / annotating with Twitter, and made it super easy for you to post interesting (annotated) link with a shorten URL to Twitter.   Most importantly, these are not just ordinary simple shorten urls… Diigo’s “(Annotated) Twitte-this”  also allows you to easily add highlights and sticky notes to any webpage, and then share the annotated page with your twitter followers.  Result?   They will just see an ordinary link in the twitter message; however, when clicking on the link, they can also see your highlights and sticky notes right on the webpage!  Cool, huh?!
    I just discovered this official Diigo Blog. It's good to have another fresh source of insights to Diigo.
    Great way to save your notes to Diigo when using a mobile app. Works right with your email.
Donna F

QuestChain - Multimedia Surveys, Questionnaires, Polls, e-Learning & Feedbacks - 0 views

    The Next Generation Multimedia Surveys Platform
Donna F

Learning Without Limits - 0 views

    With the generous support of K12 Inc., we've assembled this collection of stories from our archives to help school leaders better understand the online-learning landscape-and how it's transforming education as we know it.
TA Hennard

ICT in my Classroom - 0 views

    Tom Barrett's blog is an excellent way of keeping up with technology developments. I find myself using a variety of tools that he writes about such as VoiceThread.
    Blog that tracks tech developments and new tools, along with suggestions for their use.
Michael McHugh

eLearning Learning - 2 views

  • Concepts Learning (29671) Blogging (13786) Develop (13538) Create (12897) Informal (12477) Train (12429) Design (11942) Technology (11620) eLearning (11212) Social (11017) MORE >>
  • Fewer Full-Sized Courses. More learning snacks, ePubs, Videos, and Reference Tools This is an excerpt from  Sharon Boller’s  newest white paper,  Learning Trends, Technologies and Opportunities. The white paper describes today’s learning landscape… then predicts 7 trends for the next 12 – 18 months. As tablets and phones enter the workplace, we also see clients getting excited by “just-in-time” access to ePubs and reference tools. complete. ePubs. Videos. MORE >>
  • Infographic on Making Money with an Educational App Here is an interesting infographic. In the span of 2 years an independent developer earned nearly $700,000 in profit from educational apps. Here’s a look at how he did it and what we can learn from his experience. thought you and your readership might be interested in the infographic. Please take a look and feel free to reuse it on Kapp Notes or elsewhere. Sent to me by Muhammad Saleem. MORE >>
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  • 50 suggestions for implementing 70-20-10 50 suggestions for implementing 70-20-10. part 1 of 5. People learn their jobs by doing their jobs. Effective managers make stretch. assignments and coach their team members. Experience is the teacher, and managers shape those experiences. These posts offer guidance to managers who want to make learning from experience and conversation more effective. The potential is great. Quite the contrary. MORE >>
  • Exploration On the flight from Houston to San Jose for ASTD Tech Knowledge , I once again marveled at how much open space there still is left in this country. Somewhere Over New Mexico. few years ago I went to New Hampshire to do some user testing for SkillSoft. remember mentioning to a colleague during the flight that I was surprised how much undeveloped land there was. has actually been developed. Explore.
    Related to Tony Karrer's blog Elearning Technology
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    eLearning Learning is a community that tries to collect and organize the best information on the web that will help you learn and stay current on eLearning.
    Great site. Check out the web 2.0 related links down the left side of the screen.
    Great elearning site to search for web 2.0 technologies.
    Most current and up-to-date information on e-learning.
    Great layout here, with articles of note in the center and links for filtering content down the left-hand side.
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