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With so many institutions raging in the country, EducationInsta makes your experience h... - 0 views

    Featuring the Best Colleges for Engineering in India, Best Colleges for commerce in India, Best colleges for Law
DeZyre Academy

10 Ways the Big Data Wave Is Changing Your Job - 0 views

    The headlines suggest data scientists now have the coolest jobs and career paths. But how did we arrive at this point? Here are the factors and the ways your job is set to change -- even more.

MAKE BELIEFS COMIX! Online Educational Comic Generator for Kids of All Ages - 0 views

    Free tool to create comics. Students of all ages show what they know through comics.
Dennis OConnor

Content Curation by Robin Good | ZEEF - 2 views

  • Content curation is the art of finding, selecting, contextualizing, personalizing and illustrating relevant information items on a specific topic and for a specific audience
    Content curation is the art of finding, selecting, contextualizing, personalizing and illustrating relevant information items on a specific topic and for a specific audience
Nigel Coutts

The Slow Regard of Silent Things - 1 views

    You might not want to buy this book.' These are not my words but the first line of the authors foreword, a warning that this book by Patrick Rothfuss is not for everyone but it is for anyone who loves words and quality literature.

Archive of Learning Design Insrtuctinal Guides - 5 views

    Module 3 - Introduction to Crafting Questions for On-line Discussions. This guide from Penn State leads you through an excellent tutorial on how to use questions to promote critical thinking. *Study this resource. You'll be asked to apply these ideas to create your own discussion prompt. (Bookmark this site with Diigo!)
    This guide from Penn State leads you through an excellent tutorial on how to use questions to promote critical thinking.
Karen Molineaux

The Forgetting Curve in eLearning: What eLearning Professionals Should Know - eLearning... - 0 views

  • The primary goal of any eLearning course or online training event is to offer learners a chance to fully absorb new skills and knowledge. By using the forgetting curve in eLearning design and development, you have the power to create eLearning experiences that are memorable and highly effective, so that your audience can forget about forgetting what they need to know!

Screencast-O-Matic - Free online screen recorder for instant screen capture video sharing. - 1 views

    The BEST screen cast tool, in my opinion. I use this a lot to answer student questions in a more engaging manner. Share your screen and do picture in picture so students can see you and your screen at one time. This takes the level of interaction between facilitator and student to new online levels.
Cynthia Delcourt

Next Generation Online Learning | Higher Ed Beta @insidehighered - 1 views

  •   MOOC providers like edX and Coursera are not merely distribution channels; in the best cases, these platforms empower faculty to experiment and innovate. 
  • A learner focus, an emphasis on interactivity, scalability, and a quest to reduce costs while maintaining quality.
  • n this form of online learning, instructional software largely replaces an instructor, and generates real-time data based on a continuous assessment of a student’s understanding.
  • ...10 more annotations...
  • An exciting and innovative social approach involves challenge learning.
  • Under this approach, an instructor is an instructional designer, a coach, and a mentor; the students themselves undertake the learning journey independently.
  • MOOCs have provoked widespread discussion of teaching, learning, and the role that online, technologically-enhanced education can play in the student experience.
  • outsource course development to third parties
  • it frees professors from a set number of texts or course packs, and allow them instead to use “best in breed” resources and create what works best for them and their students.
  • pen educational resource repositories that allow a teacher to assemble a course out of a variety of publicly available teaching tools and learning resources.
  • It goes beyond instruction or tutelage to give students opportunities to think like a practitioner, to undertake authentic projects rooted in a particular field of study, and to cultivate a professional identity
  • It requires an instructor to reimagine the classroom as a community of practice.
  • It entails having students participate actively in the process of meaning making: of constructing, critiquing, and applying knowledge.  I
  • Teams seek to crack these problems, through brainstorming, collaborative research, and dialogue.
    Next generation goals for teaching and learning

Digital Tools for Teaching College Composition - 5 views

    Scoop It site in which I am curating articles on the use/issues of teaching composition with digital tools.

Nitro Type | Competitive Typing Game | Race Your Friends - 0 views

    Great typing resource! Allows students to form teams and compete against the world. Great gamification of typing that provides students with fun and motivation!
theresa savich

SimpleK12 Teacher Learning Community | Education Technology - 3 views

    Blended learning solutions with classroom technology from SimpleK12. Teacher development and webinars, including Google & iPad apps for kids education.
Pamela Schield

Dyslexia for a Day- Writing Simulation - 2 views

    Experience Dyslexia, gain understanding; this is worth 5 minutes.
Pamela Schield

9 Word Cloud Generators That Aren't Wordle - Edudemic - 6 views

    Check out Wordle, too, but here are some other ideas.The use of word clouds in the classroom is a powerful way to really get through to visual learners. The details about the following nine word cloud generators will give you a fair idea how, as an educator, you can get the best out of them.
Pamela Schield

Nine Elements - 4 views

    Nine Themes of Digital Citizenship; defined as the norms of appropriate, responsible behavior with regard to technology use.
Pamela Schield

Every Teacher's Must-Have Guide To Facebook - 3 views

    I'm a bit new to Diigo, hoping to provide input for fodder for EDUC 760.
Cedric Allen

Creating an online survey - 6 views

    How to create an online survey through wiki how
Sandy Madelung

Self paced learning - 8 views

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