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ᐅᐅ CME Fortbildung für Ärzte, Apotheker und Fachkreise, neutral und kostenlos - 1 views

    Mit dem CME-Angebot von Medcram® können Sie bequem Punkte sammeln. Mit qualitativ hochwertigen zertifizierten Fortbildungen immer aktuelles Wissen in kompakter Form, bequem von zu Hause.

CME Course - 2 views is an online learning center for medical education that offers accredited courses for keeping health professionals up-to-date on current trends and best practices. Continuing Medical Edu...

e-learning learning blended learning mobile

started by cme-kurs on 11 Sep 18 no follow-up yet
Dennis OConnor

Blended Learning Is Proving More Effective Than Traditional Education | eLearningInside... - 1 views

    "Blended learning has proven itself as not only a teaching strategy that allows greater flexibility, but one that is more effective than traditional methods."
Paul Jinks

Nine questions to ask when choosing modes of delivery | Tony Bates - 1 views

    " 1. What kind of learners are likely to take this course? What are their needs? Which mode(s) of delivery will be most appropriate to these kinds of learners? Could I reach more or different types of learners by choosing a particular mode of delivery? 2. What is my view of how learners can best learn on this course? What is my preferred method(s) of teaching to facilitate that kind of learning on this course? 3. What is the main content (facts, theory, data, processes) that needs to be covered on this course? 4. What are the main skills that learners will need to develop on this course? What are the ways in which they can develop/practice these skills? 5. How can technology help with the presentation of content on this course? 6. How can technology help with the development of skills on this course? 7. When I list the content and skills to be taught, which of these could be taught: fully online partly online and partly face-to-face can only be taught face-to-face? 8. What resources do I have available for this course in terms of: professional help from instructional designers and media producers possible sources of funding for release time and media production good quality open educational resources 9. In the light of the answers to all these questions, which mode of delivery makes most sense?"

E-Learning for physicians | CME-Punkte kostenlos - 1 views

    The CME ( courses can be accessed by any interested physician after registration including name, e-mail and uniform CME course number (EFN). Upon successful completion of courses an CME certificate is automatically generated and stored under the user profile. All CME-points gained are forwarded to the German Medical Council (Bundesärztekammer).
DeZyre Academy

10 Ways the Big Data Wave Is Changing Your Job - 0 views

    The headlines suggest data scientists now have the coolest jobs and career paths. But how did we arrive at this point? Here are the factors and the ways your job is set to change -- even more.

Blended Learning Magazine - 3 views

blended learning

started by lgfitz on 11 Jun 15 no follow-up yet
Dennis OConnor

Free Technology for Teachers: Using Wall Wisher in the Classroom - 9 views

    "For those who have never tried Wallwisher before, it is very easy to use. To get started simply go to and click "build a wall." Then title your wall, choose a URL for your wall, enter your name and email, and start adding sticky notes to the wall. Sticky notes added to a Wallwisher wall can contain up to 160 characters of text plus links to images and videos. You can choose to make your wall private or public. If you choose the public option anyone can quickly add sticky notes to your wall. If you want to approve additions to the wall before they appear, that's an option too. Choosing the public settings is allows for the quickest set-up and use of Wallwisher as you only need to give students the URL of your wall in order for them to add notes to the wall."

Blended Learning in the 21st Century! - 4 views

    Hi everyone! Please visit my ScoopIt page and check out what blended learning is, how it's being used today, and how you can use it as either an educator or a student if you are looking to continue being a learner! Thanks! John Allen
David Carpenter

Duolingo: Schools - 3 views

    Duolingo is known for its teaching of languages. It now offers free subscriptions to schools.

Create A Graph - 2 views

    This is a website that allows students to enter their own data and create different types of graphs.

Personalized Learning vs. Competency Based Learning (and how they support one another) - 7 views Mean What You Say:Defining and Integrating Personalized, Blended and Competency EducationSusan Patrick, Kathryn Kennedy and Allison Powel

blended learning e-learning learning personalized CBL

started by arinceglia on 17 Mar 15 no follow-up yet

Web 2.0 tools for e-learning - 2 views

Prezi can be a wonderful tool to use in TEFL virtual classroom: it allows students to collaborate on a project and use peer correction (also with regard to the language used) Goog...

web 2.0 blended learning e-learning

started by chojnacka-bailly on 13 Mar 15 no follow-up yet
Giovanna Doll

Avoiding Conflict Online - 0 views

    The article includes "five key attributes of online communication to take into consideration" and "four tips to avoid online misunderstandings."

Create Educational Videos Using Animoto | Apply Now! - 2 views

shared by cynk55 on 12 Mar 15 - No Cached
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  • Enhance your digital classroom with
  • Educators can apply for a free Animoto Plus account for use in the classroom. Its powerful features can be
  • sed to create stunning presentations incorporating images, video clips, music and text
    This could be a good tool to use for a review.  Having students create a brief presentation on one of the main ideas of the unit.  This might be a fun way to review.
    Students can use Animoto to create presentations.  
    Create educational videos for your classroom using Animoto's video creation service. Educators can apply for a free Animoto Plus account. Apply today!
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