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Methew Smith

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started by Methew Smith on 06 Apr 14
  • Methew Smith

    Thomas Anguella provides BLS Certifications, CPR Renewal, CPR Class, BLS for healthcare providers, CPR certification, and Healthcare Provider CPR.


    The American Heart Association emphasizes that CPR must be administered properly or else it will be of no use should emergency situations occur. This is why a CPR certification is very important.


    Here is the breakdown.


    1. Enroll in a CPR class online or enroll in the nearest health center in your area. Payment may range from $40 o $120.

    2. Participate in the class. Absorb everything that is shown and taught to you. Expect that your instructor will show videos and written materials that contain facts about CPR.

    3. Pass the test. If you fail, you’ll have another chance to pass it again.


    bls certification


    Voila! You are CPR certified.


    Getting a CPR certification is just one step to opening a great opportunity. It’s not just a lifesaving skill. It could open doors for great careers on different professional fields. With one you may be able to start working in the medical field, in the police force, in firehouses, or in a school. You can join the army; you can become a flight stewardess, a coach, or a lifeguard.




    For More Information Visit:  CPR Certification

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