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CETL- Assessment Resource Centre - 2 views

    Reflective Journal as an Assessment Method;
    The Reflective Journal method is quite interesting to be evaluated for Wikinomics project. Through another project, we made a test few weeks ago with interesting results, to be confirmed in the next study visits in July. To be discussed.
Samuel Dixneuf

British Museum Collaborates With Wikipedia - - 0 views

    The BM has begun an unusual collaboration with Wikipedia to help ensure that the museum's expertise and notable artifacts are reflected in that digital reference's pages. "(...) five times as many people go to the Wikipedia article as to ours." In other words, if you can't beat 'em, join 'em...

Bruce Sterling -YouTube video en anglais - 0 views

    transmediale 2014 afterglow Opening Ceremony "It's time to build alternative computational systems, which reflect our own ethics and values" ... "We're never going to meet our creative needs from these gigantic big data empires that are algorithmically optimized to make us into sheep"

Open Future - 0 views

    Mission to keep the internet open. "We put our knowledge and experience to work along EU institutions and civil society to ensure that the principle of openness is reflected in the European Union's digital policy framework". They "work on advancing Digital Public Spaces, building Data Commons and designing the Future of Open".
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