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Théo Bondolfi

Permaculture - Ekopedia - 0 views

    "La permaculture est une approche pour concevoir des habitats humains et des systèmes agricoles qui imitent les relations présentes dans l'écologie naturelle. Comme méthode systémique, la permaculture a été créée dans les années 1970 par les Australiens Bill Mollison et David Holmgren. Le terme permaculture signifiait initialement "agriculture permanente" (Permanent Agriculture), mais il a été rapidement étendu pour signifier "culture de la permanence" car il était réalisé que les aspects sociaux font partie intégrante d'un système véritablement durable. "
Théo Bondolfi - 0 views

    "A shiny new and rapidly growing interactive database that's showcasing the exciting, solutions-based work being implemented by permaculture projects and practitioners worldwide. If you're getting depressed watching current events, this is the site to reinvigorate the mind with real, lasting, holistic solutions for all the problems humanity currently faces. Have a look around, be inspired, and if you're a permaculture practitioner, be sure to register and upload your profile, add your project(s), and network with others to share inspiration, resources and support, and to advertise your services for a brave new economy."
Théo Bondolfi

How to Crowdfund Your Permaculture Project | Permaculture Magazine - 0 views

    "Top Tips for a Successful Crowdfunding Campaign Plan Ahead Crowdfunding is in no way the quick or 'easy option' and requires months of strategic planning before you launch. Talk to people about your idea, run focus groups (or set up a Facebook group online), and build an engaged and excited community in advance, so you can hit the ground running when your campaign launches. Getting your video pitch right is crucial, so make it professional, with good visuals and audio."
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