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Emily Mann - a Group Text Platform to Text For Free - 21 views

  • is similar to You can login to the website, create a free account and then you start to set up pulses. You can have a public or private mass texting channel (called "pulses"). In addition, you can select if only the pulse owner can send messages or if everyone in the group can send messages. works in many different countries besides the US and Canada! In addition there is not a short code to join, rather students/teachers/parents can text in to a real phone number (so phones that don't work with short codes or keywords will still work with this service!). For example to join my Pulse you text JOIN KOLBY to 704-323-7775.
Dean Mantz

Examples of Student Innovation - home - 24 views

    Student examples of 21st Century skills/learning via collaborative wiki.
John Evans

How Inquiry-Based Learning Works With STEM - Edudemic - Edudemic - 9 views

    "Learning through inquiry is not a new concept - at all. Much of the more general life- learning that we do as humans is based on inquiry. Here's a basic example: As a baby, you saw a 'thing' across the room. Your little brain wondered what it was, so you crawled over to it and inspected it. You looked at it, touched it, and determined you wanted to play with it. While babies may not be able to construct thorough explanations and communicate their questions and findings, the inquiry based learning concept is definitely there. As babies grow and turn into students, this style of learning can serve them well, especially in science. The handy infographic below takes a look at the steps of learning through inquiry, as well as some statistics on the importance of science education in the future. Keep reading to learn more."
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School and University

English Literature,Foreign Language,College Major,Online Schools - 1 views

    Are you passionate about reading? Do you think a study about great Shakespearian works can excite you? Then you can choose English literature as a college major. Literature works were always a reflection of society. It narrated about the social and cultural situations existed in those times. For example, the...

How to Prepare Aptitude Test for Competitive Exams - 0 views

Practice as many questions before your assessment. The more psychometric aptitude test questions you practice the more your speed, accuracy and confidence will improve. Improving these factors will...

Aptitude Test Online

started by puzznbuzzus on 23 Feb 17 no follow-up yet
Alex Parker

8 Google Glass business apps that are changing the world - 1 views

    CBR presents eight real-life examples of the specs in action at examples.
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