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laguna loire

Honda Insight Makeover : Official Image - 0 views

    The brand new Honda Insight has reduced CO2 pollutants to simply 96 g / km. The announcement is made ??through the manufacturer regarding japan premiere from the vehicle will be provided in the IAA 2011. Based on the organization with this excellent efficiency and hygiene continues to be accomplished focusing on 'aerodynamics and engine. One of the technologies used would be the new CVT transmission along with a better ac. Further particulars around the 2012 Honda Insight is going to be revealed at launch
Jennifer Dorman

Real World Math Lessons - 1 views

    Concept lessons will use Google Earth to present math topics, such as rates or scientific notation in unique ways. Project-Based Learning activities will include lessons that will require the collaborative efforts of students in pairs or groups. These lessons may be of a longer duration and require additional outsource materials. Measurement lessons will make extensive use of the ruler tool in Google Earth to accomplish problem solving activities. Exploratory lessons will follow non-traditional math topics such as fractals, topology, or modern geometry.
Jennifer Dorman

Markadee - 0 views

    Goal tracking
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