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Graham Trick

Tech Helps Teaching - 18 views

    A blog that looks at free web2.0 based software and interactive technologies that help web2.0 and web2.0 in the 21st century.
eva harvell

The Three-E Strategy for Overcoming Resistance to Technological Change (EDUCAUSE Quarterly) | EDUCAUSE - 0 views

  • We constantly search for new ways to employ technology in the service of technology and research. Most users, however, be they faculty, staff, or students, do not approach technology the same way we do.
  • First, a technology must be evident to the user as potentially useful in making his or her life easier (or more enjoyable). Second, a technology must be easy to use to avoid rousing feelings of inadequacy. Third, the technology must become essential to the user in going about his or her business.
  • Technology of the Week” posters. We actually advertise some of the useful and interesting things that faculty can do with a particular Technology.
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  • It is imperative to market new technologies in positive and encouraging ways.
  • Faculty faced with increasing numbers of students and demands for accountability see their workloads going up and up. The last thing they want to confront is another task.
  • we have to show them how the enhanced communication made possible through technologies such as Web 2.0 will enhance their efficiency, productivity, and ability to teach and learn.
RJ Stangherlin

100 Awesome Classroom Videos to Learn New Teaching Techniques | Smart Teaching - 1 views

    From Tim Childers on FB. Great resource.
Dean Mantz

ClassFlow - Home - A cloud-based teaching and teaching platform for teachers - 14 views

    One more. Thanks for sharing I've put links to other learning platform tools & resources here - - if they can be of any interest... - Though I think probably Schoology remains at present the best choice for teachers among free learning platforms. Cheers!

Alasbahi blog - 0 views

    All the latest in the world of technology Games Programs Applications Methods News Tutorials Programming and Design Lessons to learn profit from the Internet Lessons to protect the penetration of the latest technology news Latest News and Computers News Latest Companies and celebrities Hoyat Facebook Design of the identities of ways to open Facebook accounts Confirm Facebook Registration Instagram calculations
Jennifer Dorman

18+ Videos Suggested for Back to School Faculty Meetings and other educational audiences « 21k12 - 23 views

    "This post could be almost infinite: there is most certainly an extraordinary array of options for videos which expand educators' understandings and inspire advances in 21st century learning.  But curation is about choice and selection, and while I know I will leave out many, I thought I'd offer up a set of 15 of my favorites for your consideration for video screening at at back-to-school or beginning-of-the-year faculty meetings (and/or parent and board meetings). "
Randy Rodgers

YouTube Teachers - YouTube - 12 views

    Click on the Classroom Videos tab below the featured video to see hundreds of playlists arranged by subject and objective.
Dean Mantz

12 Free Online Quiz Makers to Create Online Quizzes | Training & E-Learning Zone for Quizzes - 28 views

    12 free options to create online quiz making.
Dean Mantz

Kubbu - Make Educational Games, Online Activities and Quizzes - 24 views

    Create your own e-learning games, quizzes, crosswords, etc.

Create Videos in Minutes with Mysimpleshow - 0 views

    Videos are becoming such important tools for teachers, but one thing that stops many of us from using videos is making them: With all the other things we have to do, there's very little time to find the right video creation tool, learn how to use it, then actually create the videos.
Dean Mantz

Twiddla - Online Whiteboard Tool | Technology 4 Technology - 3 views

    Twiddla is a free collaboration tool where you set up meetings using an online whiteboard interface. Twiddla meetings allow users to interact in real time
    Twiddla meetings allow users to interact in real time with drawing tools, chat, voice, images, videos, plain text, documents, emails, and GoogleMaps.
Dean Mantz

» Chroma Key, Greenscreen, Green Screens, Chromakey Backdrops & Chroma Key Fabric - 12 views

    Site provides insight to establishing studio quality green screen productions.
Dean Mantz

WizFolio - 12 views

  • WizFolio is a web based reference manager for researchers and scientists to efficiently manage their research and academic papers. An intelligent locate PDF engine easily retrieves PDFs from more than 500 top open access journals. The performance can be enhanced by linking the engine to your library resources.Cite as you write your scholarly work is easy when you can manage bibliography and organize references with a powerful citation tool. You can format bibliography and customize the citation style on-the-fly.
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