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Jennifer Dorman

Top 10 TEDTalks Mashup - 0 views

    With speakers like neuroanatomist Jill Bolte Taylor and global health expert Hans Rosling, the list proves one of the compelling ideas behind TEDTalks: that an unknown speaker with a powerful idea can reach -- and move -- a global audience through the power of quality web video. Links to all 10 talks are found below the video window -- or browse through our Top 10 TEDTalks Theme. Even if you've seen them all, the highlights video below is darn fun.

How to Make Money by Tutoring Online - - 0 views

    Online tutoring has been famous for quite some time now. It's an interesting concept because it works wonders breaking down the language barrier by helping non-English speakers learn the language through native speakers. It allows easy-access for homeschooling for people who cannot go to school and it allows people to share their own set of skills with another. Here's how you can earn money while sharing your skills with others. Read more

Futurist Speaker - 1 views

    Senior Futurist at the DaVinci Institute, and Google's top rated Futurist Speaker. Unlike most Speakers, Thomas works closely with his Board of Visionaries to develop original research studies. This enables him to speak on unusual topics and translate trends into unique business opportunities.
Randy Rodgers

Forvo: the pronunciation guide. All the words in the world pronounced by native speakers - 0 views

    Site is attempting to have all words in every language available, pronounced by a native speaker. Currently includes 143,000+ words in 203 languages.
Fred Delventhal

How To Say That - 0 views

    Not sure how to pronounce the name "Nguyen"? Listen to a native Vietnamese speaker pronounce it. If you can't find a name you need to know how to pronounce, let us know. We are constantly adding more names and languages to our expanding database. Pick a letter from Given Names or Surnames to begin your search.
RJ Stangherlin

10 questions about books, libraries, librarians, and schools - Dangerously Irrelevant - 17 views

    [cross-posted at LeaderTalk] October apparently was 'Library Month' for me. I was the keynote speaker for the Minnesota MEMO conference and did a breakout session for the Iowa Library Association (ILA) conference. I also brought Dr. Mike Eisenberg to Iowa for three days to talk with school administrators about technology...
Peter Horsfield

Peter Sheahan - Free Extraordinary Profiles - 0 views

    Peter Sheahan is a successful author, speaker, thought leader, and entrepreneur. He introduced unorthodox business approaches and led business people to think outside of the box. He painstakingly tells people about his liberating business methods through his books-he's written six and two of them became bestsellers-and ChangeLabs, the company he founded when he was 19.

Lenovo Smart Tab P10 with Alexa - 10 - 0 views

    The Lenovo Smart Tab P10 is a great Android tablet that becomes a Smart Screen with Amazon Alexa built-in. The P10 rewrites the rules of what's possible in a premium family tablet. It looks fantastic thanks to a striking, metal-frame, dual-glass design. Dolby Atmos sound with 4-front facing speakers, and a 10.1" FHD display make it great for entertainment. And thanks to a multi-user fingerprint reader, everyone in the family gets their own customized-and secure-tablet experience.
Fred Delventhal

Forvo: the pronunciation guide. All the words in the world pronounced by native speakers - 0 views

    Forvo is an online pronouncing dictionary. We want to have all the words that exist in the world pronounced and recorded, including names.
greg chadwick

Goods FROM MEXICO(Also called Productos Mexicanos in South American Nations) - 1 views

Mexican merchandise(Productos Mexicanos) have created their presence felt all around the globe. A Republic in North America, Mexico has among the largest economies inside the world. It truly is an ...

Productos Mexicanos News Update

started by greg chadwick on 17 Nov 11 no follow-up yet
hitesh kumar

Powers And Functions Of Lok Sabha - 0 views

    The powers and functions of lok sabha members chiefly reside in the legislative powers of lok sabha. these are distinct from that of the rajya sabha and the president, as the lok sabha consists of directly elected members and are the direct representatives of the people.
John Evans

There Is No Lesson Plan For Tragedy - Teachers YOU Know What To Do | Angela Maiers, Speaker, Educator, Writer - 10 views

    "How did I address this tragedy in class? I hugged every last child in my classroom as he/she left for the weekend and told them that they matter, that I love them, and that they make this world better by being in it. They left smiling, believing, and feeling validated. #partofthesolution Jolie Barker- Passionate Educator"
Nigel Coutts

Ten ideas from Eye on the Future - 0 views

    On Saturday I had the opportunity to join a group of very enthusiastic teachers to hear Alan November and Carl Jarvis speak at North Turramurra Primary School. That so many educators from across Sydney were keen to give up a Saturday is a testament to their desire to improve their teaching but also a measure of the respect these speakers garner.

Natural Reader - an Assistive Technology (AT) tool for students who need to hear directions spoken aloud - 0 views

    This works well with students who prefer to hear directions spoken aloud, but I also use it to teach pronunciation in Spanish. Simply change the voice to the Spanish speaker and it teaches students how to pronounce Spanish phrases! I assume it would also work for English Learners in much the same way.

10 Unanswerable Questions that Neither Science nor Religion can Answer - Futurist Speaker - 2 views

    A few years ago I was taking a tour of a dome shaped house, and the architect explained to me that domes are an optical illusion. Whenever someone enters a room, their eyes inadvertently glance up at the corners of the room to give them the contextual dimensions of the space they're in.
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