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Priscilla Ubillus

Critical and Creative Thinking - Bloom's Taxonomy - 0 views

    resources for starters (educatos and librarians): easy and concise
Dean Mantz

K-5 iPad Apps for Evaluating Evaluation: Part Five of Bloom's Revised Taxonomy | Edutopia - 21 views

    Part 5 of 5 from Edutopia evaluating resources based on Blooms Taxonomy. Links to the first 4 reviews are available at the bottom of post.
Randy Rodgers

Bloom's Digital Taxonomy Pyramid - 36 views

    Interactive table of digital Bloom's Taxonomy
Dean Mantz

Learning in Progress: SAMR Smash - Integrating iPads into Teaching & Learning Practices - 6 views

    Heidi Neltner shared her session on teaching and learning practices using iPads. Heidi shares a Padlet brainstorm activity along with an interactive infographic using Thinglink.
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