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How to Make Money with Games! - - 0 views

    Every working person's dream is to have a career as if you're not working. Earning money while playing games is the most literal way to make money without feeling like you are at work. You can go live a fantasy life and go on exciting adventures, fight mobs, spiff up your gear and earn money while you're at it! Here's how you can start making money by playing games: Live Streaming You can earn money by playing in real time in front of an audience. There are always new games coming out and some people might not have the resources or time to play them. These people often go to livestreams to watch other people play the game they are interested in, sometimes while multitasking. Here's how you can start livestreaming your gameplays: Set up an account. You will need to find a streaming website of course. There are plenty out there but the biggest names in the livestreaming business at present is Twitch and YouTube Gaming. It's useful to research about which company caters to creators better and once you've made your choice, go ahead and set up your account. Gain a following. This is probably the hardest part of making money off of playing games. As with every media platform, a good following is always useful. You can either create a huge following, profit from them by having them view ads from your stream or, you can build a loyal following and profit from them via donations. Search for popular games. If you're not getting enough followers on your preferred site then you are probably playing the wrong game. Do your research and check which games people are most interested in playing and play it as well! Creating Game Guides People get into new games all the time and a lot of them turn to guides when they are stuck in a particular level or instance. If you are a seasoned gamer, you can definitely write guides based on your gameplay and earn money from it. Learn how to write creatively. In order for you to actually be able t
Admission Times

Top 5 Educational Websites - 0 views

    Students are always seeking to get accurate information about admission in college and universities. A lot of factors are involved from shortlisting universities to finally getting into one. Crucial factors like deadline, ranking, scholarships, exams, and application procedure plays a key role in students and parents mind. Here is a list of top 5 educational websites of India which provides a plethora of information about Indian and Overseas institutions. 1) -The sole purpose of this site is to provide accurate and comprehensive information about all the activities under educational domain in India. The site has a lot of readers since 2009 and is doing a great job. 2) - Admission Times is an educational portal which was successfully launched a year back and has become the preferred website for the students as it's a leading source for education news, university information, and educational resources from across the globe . Here you can find rankings, scholarships, application deadline, sop & lor formalities, exam dates, entrance results , Delhi University cut off and procedure to apply and a lot more. 3) - ISC provides a discussion forum where students can ask about any topic covering from entrance examination, educational institutions, previous year question papers and much more . 4) - Ask a query from shiksha expert and a student can be assured of useful advice although recently they are following a monetized model that's what we think of .The education sector is so unorganized in India but shiksha has played a key role in transforming all the information into one place. 5) - MeritNation is the first site which has transformed the learning needs of all the students of classes I to XII of all the educational boards into a unique style of learning where each student according to his learning style and interests can pace their learn
Nigel Coutts

Understanding the true nature of science - The Learner's Way - 0 views

    As thousands take to the streets as part of a global 'March for Science' it is worth considering the significant role that education has to play. What are the messages we need to send our students about science and what role have schools played in creating the current climate? Now seems like the time to pause and reflect on the place of science in our community and our schools.
Amanda Kenuam

Play On! - Special Needs Performance - 9 views

    "special needs, students, technology, teachers, music, performance, opportunity"
Nigel Coutts

Ideas - The Learner's Way - 0 views

    Ask any teacher what they wish they had more of and the most common answer is likely to be time. Schools are inherently busy places and there is always much to be done. We all want to meet the needs of every student, add value to their education with breadth and depth, ensure adequate coverage of the curriculum and include aspects of play and discovery. Add up all that is done in a day over and above face-to-face teaching and you can only wonder at how we manage to fit it all into the time we have. So is there an answer to this dilemma, is there a secret method to finding more time in our schedules to achieve all that we want to?

Meadow Oaks Academy, Perfect Daycare for Kids | Meadow Oaks Academy - 0 views

    Proper attention, education and path direction is all a child needs to innovate his career. Apart from academics, complete focus and extra ordinary care on continuous basis plays a major role in mo...

Lebanon Escort | Nicole | Escort in Lebanon - 0 views

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Is English Language So Popular because of the USA? - 0 views

Americans might tend to inflate the influence of the United States in the history of the spread of English. Before the World Wars, particularly WWII, the US was a bit player on the world stage. The...

english quiz online

started by puzznbuzzus on 17 Feb 17 no follow-up yet
Jennifer Dorman

Pennsylvania House Bill 363 - Referred to Education Committee on Feb. 11, 2009 - 0 views

    All PA educators need to take a look at this and contact their state legislators.
    "Section 1317.1. . . . (a) The possession by students of telephone paging devices, commonly referred to as beepers, cellular telephones and portable electronic devices that record or play audio or video material shall be prohibited on school grounds, at school sponsored activities and on buses or other vehicles provided by the school district."

Keno - Online Keno game you can play for free, no download needed! - 0 views

shared by cpmuro on 14 Apr 18 - No Cached
    • cpmuro
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