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The leap of Contemporary Art - 0 views

    Whether we talk about Indian contemporary art or contemporary pieces of western origin, one thing is common; there is absolutely zero focus on the end results. The contemporary style of art encourages the idea of expression more than anything. As per contemporary art, if a person has an idea, an imagination or a notion, it doesn't matter what the end result is, the piece will be valued for its conception.
Randy Rodgers

Paint Online - Sketch & Paint! - 19 views

    Nice, simple, free drawing and painting tool. Variety of brushes and textures. No registration needed.
Fred Delventhal

bomomo - 2 views

    via Ced Paine Click at different points. As with any art tool, the challenge is to know the tools well enough to create what you you want to express.
Fred Delventhal beta - Online Image Editor - 1 views

    From Kathy Schrock
Dean Mantz

Tech Learning TL Advisor Blog and Ed Tech Ticker Blogs from TL Blog Staff - - 11 views

    Technology and Learning provides list of Top 10 sites to create digital art.
amita parmar

Education system in India by Sudipsinh Dhaki (Sudipsinh Dhaki) - 0 views

    The first millennium and the few centuries preceding it saw the flourishing of higher education at Nalanda, Takshila, Ujjain, & Vikramshila Universities. Art, Architecture, Arting, Logic, Grammar, Philosophy, Astronomy, Literature, Buddhism, Hinduism, Arthashastra (Economics & Politics), Law, and Medicine were among the subjects taught and each university specialized in a pArticular field of study.
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