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Heather Sullivan

Steve Hargadon: New Ning Plans: The Good, The Bad, and the Unknown - 10 views

  • The Good:
  • The Bad:
  • API access to networks will be a plus to organizations really wanting to research the value and use of educational social networking.  Several graduate students have looked closely at my Classroom 2.0 network and this kind of access will make deeper scholarship possible.
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  • Single sign-on / alternative authentication has been a highly desired feature from Ning in the past, and will potentially allow institutions and organizations with existing membership bases to incorporate access to Ning into their existing services.  It seems like there will be a couple of other somewhat intriguing options here as well, including logging in using Facebook or Twitter authentication.  What's not entirely clear in the material--or, according to John, to Ning yet--is if these features will be included as part of the Pro service or an extra fee.  
  • If you don't pay even the minimal amount, currently your network and all its content will disappear 30 days after the July shift.  While Ning will likely provide some capability to get a network back within some limited period of time, the idea that created content is not "grandfathered in" and retained even in some format feels bad.  I'm not sure how bad it actually is, but I'm hoping they reconsider this in some way and while not allowing those networks be functional, it would be nice to have the content statically available for posterity.  I'm also thinking about all the networks that will be created in the future--the idea that if for some reason you stop paying Ning all of the contributions "disappear forever" will be a mental and real roadblock to using the service.
  • The "major educational company" that has no name could be good or bad.  I'm assured it will be good, but I can imagine more than one large educational company whose providing Ning Mini networks for free would be looked upon with suspicion.  What's also not spelled out is what kind of control that company will have, their ability to market or message to the creators and members of the networks, and if there will be any advertising by that company on the networks.
Tom McHale

Kids Create -- and Critique on -- Social Networks | Edutopia - 1 views

  • "With Web 2.0, there's a strong impetus to make connections," says University of Minnesota researcher Christine Greenhow, who studies how people learn and teach with social networking. "It's not just creating content. It's creating content to share."
  • And once they share their creations, kids can access one of the richest parts of this learning cycle: the exchange that follows. "While the ability to publish and to share is powerful in and of itself, most of the learning occurs in the connections and conversation that occur after we publish," argues education blogger Will Richardson (a member of The George Lucas Educational Foundation's National Advisory Council).
  • In this online exchange, students can learn from their peers and simultaneously practice important soft skills -- namely, how to accept feedback and to usefully critique others" work.
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  • "I learn how to take in constructive criticism," says thirteen-year-old Tiranne
  • image quality, audio, editing, and content
  • Using tools such as the social-network-creation site Ning, teachers can easily develop their own networks, Mosea says. "It is better to create your own," he argues. "If a teacher creates his or her own network, students will post as if their teacher is watching them, and they'll tend to be more safe. "You can build social networks around the curriculum," Mosea adds, "so you can use them as a teaching resource or another tool." An online social network is another tool -- but it's a tool with an advantage: It wasn't just imposed by teachers; the students have chosen it.
    "Self-Directed Learning When students are motivated to create work that they share online, it ignites an independent learning cycle driven by their ideas and energized by responses from peers."
    Self-Directed Learning "When students are motivated to create work that they share online, it ignites an independent learning cycle driven by their ideas and energized by responses from peers."
Roger Zuidema

Social networks and kids: How young is too young? - - 12 views

    Status updates, photo tagging and FarmVille aren't just for adults or even teenagers anymore."> text/html; charset=iso-8859-1

#diaspora #opensouce social network alternative for #googleplus and #facebook to malke a #edtech20 #pln - 8 views

    What are the best social networks to build a pln in education 2.0 ?
Jennifer Dorman And Grouply Welcome Ning Refugees - 19 views

    With yesterday's news of Ning's move to eliminate free social networks on its platform, competitors are rushing to emphasize their free offerings for building a social network. Today, Grouply, a startup that's built around creating and managing online groups from Google and Yahoo Groups, is going to try to make it easy for Ning users to port their groups to Grouply's platform. And fellow competitor is also welcoming Ning refugees to its free social network platform as well.
Jennifer Dorman

Social Networks in Education - 1 views

    Wiki page with comprehensive listing on social networks, bith on Ning and on other networks.
Fred Delventhal

welcome to - consolidating your social identities - 0 views

    Got a few social network profiles? Frustrated you can't use the same user identifier on all of them? Wish you could consolidate to a single username? Here are just a few of the benefits provides! * Consolidate your profiles into a single identity! * Easily distribute your profile information to friends! You only have one username to remember!! * Claim, maintain and grow your personal brand. You've got a single identity accross all networks... * No need to worry if your favorite username is taken on that new, hot network - you've already got the username you want!
trade4target trade4target

Trade4target : The aspects of markets and RS Software ltd - 0 views

    The aspects of markets:- Trade4target is introduce to RS software ltd and give stock tips to the investors.Last week a member was promised a detailed note about the so called 'Opportunity cost'.OC simply put would be the cost of an alternative that must be forgone in order to pursue a certain action.Put another way, the benefits you could have received by taking an alternative action.OC relates much to the value investing aspect where you opt for deep value counters in place of growth counters thereby availing yourself a long waiting period.A growth stock may well double or triple but chances of the same happening to a value stock remains low. Story: Founded by the US based entrepreneur Raj Jain, RS began with a clear vision of providing quality software services to international markets. The company researched and instituted global best practices in the areas of People Management and Process Architecture to build a world-class organization. With rigorous attention to world standards, the company acquired ISO 9001:2000, SEI CMM Level 4, P CMM level 3 and ISO 27001:2005 certifications.RS Software is a Kolkata based IT company focussing on electronics payment domain. They have their own products which they sell as solutions.Playing a pivotal role for the Payment Industry, RS has developed and maintained mission critical applications for leading Payment networks in North America, Japan and UK. RS Software's offices are located in the US, Canada, UK and India, employing over 1000 professionals to deliver high quality solutions for Payment networks, Processors, Acquires, Issuers, and other Payment Industry companies.Today RS Software is on course to be the leader in using its domain expertise to enhance the most powerful Payment networks globally, and provide leading edge technology solutions to all stakeholders in the Payments industry. Trade4target : Stock idea Scripscan:RS software ltd Traded in:Nse-bse CMP:230rs Target:300rs Duration:6-9 months Ret
David Hilton

High School History Student Network - 11 views

Most of us are aware of the power of social networking for teachers to improve their knowledge, gain ideas and make connections with other like-minded educators from around the world. I believe thi...

my history network education technology social_networking classroom learning

started by David Hilton on 20 Oct 09 no follow-up yet
Heather Sullivan

New Jersey Principal Asks Parents To Ban Facebook, Social Networking, Text Messaging - - 13 views

  • A controversial proposal has students horrified at a Bergen County middle school on Wednesday. The principal is asking parents to join a voluntary ban on social networking.
  • Although Orsini's e-mail is just a request, not an order, it's language is blunt: "It is time for every single member of the BF Community to take a stand! There is absolutely no reason for any middle school student to be a part of a social networking site! "Let me repeat that - there is absolutely, positively no reason for any middle school student to be a part of a social networking site! None."
RJ Stangherlin

Digital Literacy vs Networked Literacy | U Tech Tips - 0 views

    I woke up this morning to find the following Tweet from Jeremy Brueck:This line between digital literacy and networked literacy is a fine one... Interesting read worth perusing.
Greg Limperis

Technology Integration in Education - Seamlessly integrating technology into the K-College classroom - 0 views

    Great professional network of educators and professionals working to help integrate technology in education.
    Great New Professional Network focusing on sharing free webinars, useful mp3s, videoas and pictures for professional development, great groups for networking. Be part of this site in its growing stages and help to mold it into a site useful for you. Link up with professionals from companies aroung the world and join the larger group on Linkedin.
Randy Rodgers

Stribe - Welcome - instantly create a social network on any website, plug and play chat, comments and sharing in any web page - 16 views

    Allows users to create custom social networks and embed them into their own sites.
Dean Mantz

FAQ on Delicious - 5 views

  • How do I share a bookmark?
  • In the Send field type the recipients name or select it from the panel that will appear at the bottom of the form. Once you enter one or more recipients into the Send field the Message field will automatically appear below it. In the message field you can enter a short message (116 characters or less) that will be included with your bookmark.
  • What is my Network, and how do I use it?
  • ...9 more annotations...
  • "people aggregator",
  • What are Network Bundles?
  • subscriptions into a "sports" bundle
  • view all your friends bookmarks separately from your coworkers' bookmarks
  • What are Subscription Bundles?
  • bundle can then be viewed individually
  • To create Network Bundles, go to your settings page and click "Edit Network Bundle"
  • To create them, simply go to your settings page and click "Edit Subscription Bundle".
  • What is social bookmarking?
    Usable processes in Delicious social bookmarking resource.
Randy Rodgers

Gosh! Napoleon Dynamite's Guide To Social Networking | The Talent Buzz - 1 views

    5 principles for social networking success.
Jennifer Dorman

ZKOUT - The social network that follows you - 0 views

    Welcome to ZKOUT, the social network that allows you to meet real people in the real world using your location to find nearby people and points of interest.
Fred Delventhal

Remobo - Instant Private Network ™ Application - 0 views

    Remobo creates an Instant Private Network ™ (IPN) between users.
Fred Delventhal

Desktop Screen Sharing Software - Broadcast Your Screen - 0 views

    ScreenStream lets others 'watch' your screen on their computers over the network or the internet. It is the modern equivalent of the overhead projector. When you turn on screen sharing others on your network (or even the internet) can view what is on your screen by typing the link (and optional access code) into their internet browser. They can continue to watch your screen until you turn off screen sharing.
Jennifer Dorman

GROU.PS welcomes NING Networks - 12 views

    GROU.PS is not just a Ning replacement. It's the best do-it-yourself social network on the market. More white label, more sense of belonging, more flexibility and more control for the group administrator and best of all.... it's free. Extra features are at affordable prices. You won't miss any of the features you were enjoying on Ning.
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