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Fred Delventhal

Nice Translator - The fast, easy to use online translator - 0 views

    NiceTranslator was created during the Fall of 2008 to provide an improved interface for translating text on the Web. Although web-technologies have advanced greatly recently, existing online translators remain cumbersome to use.
Beyond Technology

Languag translator - 0 views

    Dictionary translator for different languages.
Beth Worthy

12 Spanish Words Difficult to Be Translated in English -PDF.pdf - 0 views

    Sometimes it's difficult to articulate how you feel.We may find ourselves at a loss for words especially during intense situations. People sometimes use more than one language to express their feelings or describe something.
Fred Delventhal - where the words go - 0 views

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Concepts * What is a walk? * What are tags? * What is the Twilight Zone? * Why no photos or videos, just voice? Recording and uploading * How do I record and share an echo? * How do I give recorder permanent permission to use microphone? * I've got a .wav audio file how can I upload it? * How do I encode audios to mp3? Managing echoes * How many echoes can I create? * How do I place an echo on its exact location? * How do I change an echo license? * How do I change an echo location? * How can I change the title of an echo? * How can I delete an echo? Using the site * How do I register? * How do I find echoes from some place? * How can I keep favorites? Community * How do I contact another user? * What should I do if I find an offensive or illegal echo? Legalese * Is Woices free? * Can I modify or redistribute any echo? * Which kind of license do my echoes have? Other * Can I help translating to my mother language? * Will you go GPS? * Problems playing echoes and walks? * How do I report bugs or feedback about woices? Concepts top What is a walk? Registered users can group some of their echoes and create a walk. A walk is a collection of related echoes, usually geographically close so that they can be listened in sucession (during a 'walk'). Walks are dynamic since users can keep adding or removing echoes from their walks.
Randy Rodgers

Duolingo | Learn Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Italian and English for free - 18 views

    Free game-based language learning site makes users Web translators. #edtech
Judy Robison

Guest Post - Implementing the First 5 Days | November Learning - 4 views

    a blog post detailing a 15 + min. exercise to see if students recognized the value of Google Translate, and were they aware of its advantages and disadvantages."
Jennifer Dorman


    experts will check your text in a foreign language
    experts will check your text in a foreign language
Jonathan Mike

Open Source eLearning and eWorking platform - 0 views

    Claroline is an Open Source eLearning and eWorking platform allowing teachers to build effective online courses and to manage learning and collaborative activities on the web. Translated into 35 Translates, Claroline has a large worldwide users' and developers' community.
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