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luthfi waloetz

FORUM DOFOLLOW | Waloetz Go Blogg! - 0 views


    Bicara forum dofollow, pasti tidak jauh dengan SEO. Forum Dofollow salah satu sumber backlink yang menurut saya cukup bagus. Forum Dofollow yang akan saya coba share berikut ini adalah forum dari luar dengan Forum Dofollow PR tinggi. Bicara tentang SEO memang tidak ada habisnya, sampai saat ini saya yang masih nyubie dalam dunia blog masih sangat perlu banyak belajar dari para-para master SEO. Forum Dofollow merupakan hal yang paling gampang untuk mendapatkan backlink. Karena kita cukup daftar, edit profile web, edit signature, dan selesai. Biar kan si google merayapi Forum Dofollow tersebut.
Randy Rodgers

Embeddable Forums by - 13 views

    Site allows users to create and embed discussion forums in blogs, websites, wikis, etc.

Microsoft news and personal reflections after Innovative Education Forum in Education 2012 - 9 views

    If you want to discover the power of Curation, Follow!/web20education
Fred Delventhal

Retaggr - your online presence everywhere - 0 views

    From Steve Dembo's post on cleaning up the sidebar.
    Displaying Your Card * Feature rich interactive card fits naturally into your blog * Shown on retaggr enabled sites when you interact * Included in your email signature and forum posts
Fred Delventhal

SpinXpress - Make Great Video - Home - 0 views

    Create Video Through Collaboration Share Large Files in Public or Private SpinXpress is used by independent global media producers to create videos, music compilations, and other collaborative media projects. * Works with any file format * Place free ads for your services * Built in Wiki for open forum * Publish your work * Search for Creative Commons Licensed Media * Share your files with anyone, anywhere, anytime
Clif Mims

EdTech Action Network - 0 views

    "ETAN provides a forum for educators and others to engage in the political process and project a unified voice in support of a common cause - improving teaching and learning through the systemic use of technology. ETAN's mission is to influence public policy-makers at the federal, state and local levels and to increase public investment in the competitiveness of America's classrooms and students."
Fred Delventhal

Wordpress Theme Generator - 1 views

    This online generator creates your own custom unique WordPress Theme. Without any need for HTML, JS, PHP, or CSS knowledge. Change the colors, settings, layout, preview live, click "save" and download your unique Wordpress theme zip-file. Extract, upload, set, and you are done! If you have any questions or need additions visit the forum. Based on WordPress 2.1 to 2.6.2 with Yahoo! UI (grids, tabs & fonts) to support all A-Grade browsers and valid XHTML 1.0 Transitional. Theme supports Widgets & Tags. Themes examples: read more...
Dean Mantz

Music in History Lessons - History Teachers' Discussion Forum - 8 views

    History teachers discussion form provides several songs that connect with historical figures or events.
Roger Zuidema

Learning 2.0 and Workplace Communities - 2009 - ASTD - 0 views

  • new application of “social media”
  • magine what might happen if we formalized these exchanges through social media.  If learners want to discuss formal learning events or curriculum, let’s provide them with discussion forums and comment capabilities.
  • represents a major change
  • ...11 more annotations...
  • A social learning model will not replace, eliminate, or displace traditional formal learning.
  • The Embedded Model involves introducing social media inside formal learning content
  • In moving from instructor-led training to WBT, organizations have saved significant amounts of money from reduced travel costs
  • wrap social media
  • “Learning 2.0” or “social learning.
  • frastructure for these exchanges, this content becomes searchable and can be included in reports and analytics that provide more insight into the meta-discourse around formal content. 
  • Many of us now reference blogs, wikis, discussion forums, and social networks for information in our personal lives, but far fewer of us have these same options in the workplace. 
  • o matter how effective a training department might be, it will never have the scale of an organization whose entire employee base actively contributes ideas, expertise, and knowledge through vibrant social learning and workplace communities
  • In the Embedded Model, we’re simply reintroducing the social elements that used to be part of a typical instructor-led class—reflection, debrief, sharing of opinions and perspectives, and the discussion of best practices.
  • In the Wrapped Model, we’re providing a social platform for the interactions that already happen around formal courseware.
  • And in the Community Model, we’re providing a broader platform to capture social exchanges and social learning across any topic, not just those addressed in formal learning.
luthfi waloetz



    BACKLINK lagi..nih sobat blogger, entah kenapa tangan ini rasanya serasa mau nulis artikel tentang SEO mulu. Padahal ilmu saya dibidang SEO masih dibilang belum ada apa-apanya dengan master SEO yang lain. Saat saya coba mengikuti kontes 'SERIBU PERNAK PERNIK PONSEL ANDROID' , dan dari kontes blog ini saya coba memulai untuk memperdalam apa itu SEO. Mumpung dalam rangka saya mengikuti kontes blog SERIBU PERNAK PERNIK PONSEL ANDROID, saya sedikit mau berbagi kepada sobat para pencari backlink.

    Backlink Guetbook Edu ?? Apa sebenarnya backlink edu ? Konon kata para master SEO mengatakan, backlink dari situs edu sangat tinggi sekali nilainya daripada situs-situs yang lain. Entah kenapa saya juga tidak tau, mungkin karena situs edu adalah situs pendidikan/sekolah/universitas, jadi google memberikan prioritas yang lebih tinggi untuk situs edu. Dan setelah saya mencoba menelusuri situs dengan domain edu, ternyata benar. Baik itu blog, forum, maupun situs dengan domain edu lainnya memiliki PR tinggi. Ga kebayang kayaknya kalo dapat backlink dari situs edu dengan PR tinggi.
Carolyn Rains

14 Practical Ways to Use Evernote - OPEN Forum :: American Express OPEN Forum - 19 views

    practical ways to use Evernote
indonesian power

jual set top box kaskus - 0 views

    Jual set top box kaskus yang dijual dikaskus juga dijual disini, karena set top box merupakan alat yang bisa mengubah sinyal analog ke digital, untuk itu diperlukan alat yang luar biasa canggihnya ini. Merek yang beredar banyak sekali yang kami rekoemndasikan adalah yang kami jual, karena kaskus adalah forum terbesar di indonesia, maka kami juga jual yang ada di kaskus. set top box atau dvb t2 receiver yang kami jual juga sangat kami rekomendasikan untuk anda jual akembali, artinya anda menjadi reseller dari produk kami yang memang kami jual secara grosir alias lebih murah dibandingkan online shop.
Admission Times

Top 5 Educational Websites - 0 views

    Students are always seeking to get accurate information about admission in college and universities. A lot of factors are involved from shortlisting universities to finally getting into one. Crucial factors like deadline, ranking, scholarships, exams, and application procedure plays a key role in students and parents mind. Here is a list of top 5 educational websites of India which provides a plethora of information about Indian and Overseas institutions. 1) -The sole purpose of this site is to provide accurate and comprehensive information about all the activities under educational domain in India. The site has a lot of readers since 2009 and is doing a great job. 2) - Admission Times is an educational portal which was successfully launched a year back and has become the preferred website for the students as it's a leading source for education news, university information, and educational resources from across the globe . Here you can find rankings, scholarships, application deadline, sop & lor formalities, exam dates, entrance results , Delhi University cut off and procedure to apply and a lot more. 3) - ISC provides a discussion forum where students can ask about any topic covering from entrance examination, educational institutions, previous year question papers and much more . 4) - Ask a query from shiksha expert and a student can be assured of useful advice although recently they are following a monetized model that's what we think of .The education sector is so unorganized in India but shiksha has played a key role in transforming all the information into one place. 5) - MeritNation is the first site which has transformed the learning needs of all the students of classes I to XII of all the educational boards into a unique style of learning where each student according to his learning style and interests can pace their learn
Alex Parker

5 key announcements from IDF14 so far - 1 views

    by Joe Curtis| 11 September 2014 Intel Developer Forum is underway: here are the biggest talking points. Lost amid the fuss being made over Apple right now, Intel has made a series of big announcements at its annual Intel Developer Forum, IDF14. Here's five key take aways so far, from the Internet of Things to biometrics.
Laura Stansfield

Desk@##1-844-609-0909..)))TollFree* Hotmail Tech Support Phone NUMber USA| Hotmail Email account Support phone number USA - Paramore Forums - 0 views

    Contact Hotmail customer support phone number 1-855-816-4648 TollFree, for USA & Canada. Get the instant hotmail technical support, if you have forgotten your password or email account you need to recover your email account than when you cannot resolve yourself than you have to need hotmail technical support. We are here to help technical 24x7 active at your disposal. Do you have any issues with email account?
Laura Stansfield

Gmail Sign in Problem 1-844-609-0909 TollFree, Get Help & Support - Paramore Forums - 0 views

    Gmail Sign in Problem 1-844-609-0909 TollFree, Get Help & Support, We provide third party technical support & service, tech support for Gmail, Gmail tech support service, Gmail customer support,
Brevity Software Solutions Pvt Ltd

ASP .NET Web Application Development Company - 0 views

    Brevity Software Solutions Pvt Ltd is a ASP .NET Web Application Development Company offering services that includes CMS, eCommerce, Educational Web Apps, Travel Portal Systems, HR Web Apps, Interactive Games, Inventory Management, Non-profit Donation Apps, Transport and Logistics Apps, Online Courses and Training, Discussion Forums, Online Reservations for Ticketing and Booking, Project Management Applications, Social Networking, Web Conference Apps.
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