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Kathy Fiedler

QuizOperator - Make a quiz, involve people. - 0 views

    QuizOperator is a free tool that let's you easely create and share quizzes. You just have to choose the quiz name and fill in the quiz options. Other people can join your quiz by going to a link or by searching for it. The score is tracked by the app and the winner will be calculated automatically. Perfect to use during your lesson, presentation, speech or at a party.
Gail Braddock - 16 views

    a game and curriculum designed to educate preteen students about the forms and methods of advertising. Admongo's primary feature is a game in which students earn points by collecting advertisements as they move through a fictional city. As they advance through the game, students will see short videos that explain the type of advertisements they see and how those advertisements attempt to get them to take an action. Watch the video below to learn more. Applications for Education Admongo provides a curriculum for teachers to use with 5th and 6th grade students. The curriculum is designed to complement the lessons students learn by playing the game. On the Admongo curriculum page teachers will find posters, handouts, forms and other printable materials to use in their classrooms.
Dean Mantz

Google Forms: how to create a quiz or a test that automatically grades itself in Google Docs--Internet--Tools & Tips for Multimedia Designers--Planet of the Web - 39 views

    Creating self-grading Google forms/forms/tests
Doug Butchy

Welcome to Flubaroo - 23 views

    Easy to use tool for setting up automatic grading of quizzes created in Google Docs
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