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Helmut Reo

Global Flow of Tertiary-Level Students - 0 views

    That is a really cool site
Dean Mantz

Flow of Professional Development in School Infographic - 24 views

    Mike Fisher of developed this infographic addressing the flow of professional development externally and internally. 
Nigel Coutts

The Conditions Required for 'Learner Flow' - The Learner's Way - 0 views

    What might it take to ensure students choose to be in our courses because the value of the learning achieved through mindful attendance is such that they would not want to be anywhere else?
Fred Delventhal

storytlr | your life online - 0 views

    Mashup your data into stories * Tell your stories in a new way Photo albums are old school! Pick your sources, start and end date and your story is good to go. If necessary you can tweak it for a better flow.
Jennifer Dorman

LucidChart - 0 views

    Online Collaborative Flow Chart Application
ma rody candera

Babbling News: Japan Earthquake Waves Affect Antarctic - 0 views

    An earthquake measuring 9 on the Richter scale that shook Japan (11 / 3) produces a very strong seismic waves. The flow of ice in the south polar region (Antarctica) underwent a change.

A cost effective approach to brand our product: B2B Email Lists | eData Scholars - 0 views

    An important requirement of any business is to generate a qualified leads or customers. Making sure that steady leads flow continuously into organizations are the important aspect of business strategy or marketing strategy. In this process, we will consider many marketing techniques but B2B email lists are very effective marketing technique as per effort and coast. If you take an Email database services from any genuine lead generation company, you can trust them completely for your business leads.
Dean Mantz - 7 views

    Here is a description of Contextu via Richard Byrne's Free Technology For Teachers posting: Ken Halla, the blogger behind the US History Teachers Blog, has been working on an excellent new site for students of US History. The new site is called ContextU and its purpose is to help students see the greater context for significant events in history. The first iteration of ContextU is focused on the American Civil War. On ContextU students select from a table of contents an event, piece of legislation, or theme to see it in the context of other events, pieces of legislation, and themes leading to the start of the Civil War. Through timelines, Google Maps, diagrams, flow charts, timelines, and text ContextU provides context for each chosen event, piece of legislation, or theme. Students can jump from event to event or from theme to theme by following the hyperlinks within each diagram.
Randy Rodgers

Idea Springboard - Google Science Fair 2014 - 13 views

    Truly cool tool from Google inspires learners' questions and projects. Input what you are good at, what subject you enjoy, and what you want to do, and Google provides a tapestry (Yes, I just used the word "tapestry.") of links, videos, books, and other resources to get the creative juices flowing.
Nigel Coutts

Hold your ideas lightly - The Learner's Way - 0 views

    The history of teaching is littered with ideas that have come and gone. In their day each was the new bright hope, set to transform what we do as teachers and how our students learn. Each new idea had its supporters and detractors and each in turn was replaced by an alternative or simply disappeared from view. Those who have experienced this ebb and flow of ideas have learned to approach the shiny and the new with caution and yet we have all encountered ideas that are so compelling it is difficult to ignore. How might we approach new ideas and innovative practices in ways that ensure our students benefit?
Leslie Cash

Using Groups Effectively: 10 Principles - 18 views

Intesab Husain

Cable sleeve shrinking hot air gun and heat tool to shrink PVC, PE and polyolefin on cable sleeves - 0 views

    Steinel's Electronic hot air gun ensure precise temperature and air flow settings for smooth and quick shrinking of thermoplastic shrinkable PVC and Polyolefin cable sleeves for wire harness, cables and wires. For best results use the reflector nozzles with these heat shrink hot air blower.
Intesab Husain

Cable shrinking hot air gun & heat shrink gun for shrinking of PVC sleeve caps, hot air tool for shrinking polyolefin cable end caps - 0 views

    Hot Air Gun for Heat Shrinking of Cable End Caps Steinel's Electronic hot air guns and HL 1400 S Heat gun ensure precise temperature and air flow settings for smooth and quick shrinking of thermoplastic shrinkable PVC and Polyolefin cable end caps for wire harness, cables and wires.
Nigel Coutts

Inquiry Based Learning is dead, long live inquiry. - 0 views

    In the ebb and flow of educational theories and approaches to learning one can see many commonalities to the world of fashion. A good idea emerges, becomes mainstream, is appropriated by a wide number of educators who blend the essential elements into their methodology and over time the once good idea becomes an oversimplified or slightly misunderstood model of what it once was.
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