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Fred Delventhal

How to Remove and Hide Blogger NavBar (Top Navigation Bar) » My Digital Life - 0 views

  • ’s possible to hide and remove the NavBar with a little CSS hack. The trick will not interfere or mess up with the custom layouts that webmaster has designed, and pretty safe and easy to implement. In fact, if you’re publishing the Blogger blog to own custom domain with FTP or SFTP, it’s possible to turn off NavBar.

Protect Your Crypto Assets with Our Comprehensive Insurance Coverage - 2 views

    One of the key coverage options offered by Cryptocurrency Insurance Canada is protection against theft and hacking. This type of coverage is particularly important given the growing number of cyber attacks targeting cryptocurrency exchanges and wallets. Investors can rest easy knowing that their digital assets are protected against theft or loss due to hacking. Cryptocurrency Insurance Canada also offers coverage for technical failures, such as the loss of private keys or a hardware malfunction. This type of coverage ensures that investors are protected against losses that may result from technical issues beyond their control.
    As the world becomes increasingly digital, protecting your cryptocurrency assets is more important than ever. At Cryptocurrency Insurance UK, we offer comprehensive insurance coverage to keep your digital assets safe from loss, theft, and damage. Our policies are designed to meet the needs of crypto investors, traders, and businesses, providing peace of mind and financial security.
Fred Delventhal

Hackasaurus - 18 views

    Hackasaurus makes it easy to mash up and change any web page like magic. You can also create your own webpages to share with your friends, all within your browser.
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