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How to Make Money with Games! - - 0 views

    Every working person's dream is to have a career as if you're not working. Earning money while playing games is the most literal way to make money without feeling like you are at work. You can go live a fantasy life and go on exciting adventures, fight mobs, spiff up your gear and earn money while you're at it! Here's how you can start making money by playing games: Live Streaming You can earn money by playing in real time in front of an audience. There are always new games coming out and some people might not have the resources or time to play them. These people often go to livestreams to watch other people play the game they are interested in, sometimes while multitasking. Here's how you can start livestreaming your gameplays: Set up an account. You will need to find a streaming website of course. There are plenty out there but the biggest names in the livestreaming business at present is Twitch and YouTube Gaming. It's useful to research about which company caters to creators better and once you've made your choice, go ahead and set up your account. Gain a following. This is probably the hardest part of making money off of playing games. As with every media platform, a good following is always useful. You can either create a huge following, profit from them by having them view ads from your stream or, you can build a loyal following and profit from them via donations. Search for popular games. If you're not getting enough followers on your preferred site then you are probably playing the wrong game. Do your research and check which games people are most interested in playing and play it as well! Creating Game Guides People get into new games all the time and a lot of them turn to guides when they are stuck in a particular level or instance. If you are a seasoned gamer, you can definitely write guides based on your gameplay and earn money from it. Learn how to write creatively. In order for you to actually be able t
Jennifer Dorman

eSchoolNews - Report: Retool instruction, or U.S. will fail - 0 views

  • As the world continues to shift from an industrial economy to a service economy driven by information, knowledge, and innovation, cultivating 21st-century skills is vital to economic success
  • While the global economy has been changing, the United States has focused primarily on closing domestic achievement gaps and largely has ignored the growing necessity of graduating students capable of filling emerging job sectors
  • this goal has skirted the competitive demand for advanced skills
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  • businesses now require workers who can handle more responsibility and contribute more to productivity and innovation
  • "It has become apparent that there isn't a lack of employees who are technically proficient, but a lack of employees who can adequately communicate and collaborate, innovate, and think critically," said Ken Kay, P21 president.
  • "21st Century Skills, Education, and Competitiveness"
    U.S. schools must teach 21st-century skills for the nation to be globally competitive, it says From eSchool News staff and wire service reports
Fred Delventhal

Digital Media and Learning Competition - 0 views

    The 2008 Digital Media and Learning Competition theme is Participatory Learning. Participatory Learning includes the many ways that learners (of any age) use new technologies to participate in virtual communities where they share ideas, comment upon one another's projects, and plan, design, advance, implement, or simply discuss their goals and ideas together. Details
Fred Delventhal

Portraits of Learning 2008 Contest - 0 views

    What: Technology & Learning invites K-12 students to participate in the sixth annual digital photography contest. The competition, open to all K-12 students, challenges you to capture-and share-your unique vision of the world. If you have an artistic side, you also have the option to digitally enhance your photos with your favorite imaging software. The best digitally enhanced photo wins a special prize from Adobe. Other prizes include a digital camera, Adobe Photoshop Elements, and more!

How to Prepare Aptitude Test for Competitive Exams - 0 views

Practice as many questions before your assessment. The more psychometric aptitude test questions you practice the more your speed, accuracy and confidence will improve. Improving these factors will...

Aptitude Test Online

started by puzznbuzzus on 23 Feb 17 no follow-up yet
Joe Master

Get Discount Codes- Free Discount Codes, Voucher Codes, Voucher Coupons, Promotional codes, Freebies and Free Stuffs. - 0 views

    Get discount codes, voucher codes, coupons and promotional codes for UK online stores. Free stuff, freebies, free samples and competitions are also available to grab. Save money with these exclusive and free valid discount codes and special offers.
Clif Mims

EdTech Action Network - 0 views

    "ETAN provides a forum for educators and others to engage in the political process and project a unified voice in support of a common cause - improving teaching and learning through the systemic use of technology. ETAN's mission is to influence public policy-makers at the federal, state and local levels and to increase public investment in the competitiveness of America's classrooms and students."
Clif Mims

Aniboom - 24 views

    Animation virtual studio. "A virtual animation studio partnering with animators from around the world to create, high quality 3d, 2d and flash cartoon animations. Aniboom cultivates animated content by leveraging the web providing online animation opportunities such as animated competitions and free online animation software."
Amanda Kenuam

Win $2000 in the Sketch-A-Space Competition for Students with Autism - 8 views

    "special education, special needs, sped, autism, contest, Google SketchUP, EasterSeals, interior design, classroom design, awareness"
Dean Mantz

National Engineers Week Future City Competition - 8 views

    Educators are encouraged to use this site allowing for students to take on the role of an engineer and develop their own virtual city.
Fleet Management Solutions FMS

FMS - FLEET MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS : A Systems Software Provider - 0 views

    Web Services Make Your Business Visible OnlineWe create custom made quality designs that will stand out from your competition. Systems Development Customized To Suit Your Needs Professionally developed custom software application gives you a significant business advantage over your competition.
hitesh kumar

Importance of Coaching Classes - 0 views

    The main significance of the coaching institutes is that they provide extra information to the students and prepare them for the competitive exams by providing special teaching techniques.
hitesh kumar

Esha Gupta Won The Femina Miss India International - 0 views

    Bollywood story of esha Gupta has gone quite well in the start and she is bagging good roles but needs to back it up with better acting because there is going to be stiff competition

@LucianeCurator wish you all a Blessed Christmas and offer you a #Curation #ChristmasTree #edtech20 #pln - 1 views

    wish you all a Blessed Christmas and offer you a #Curation #ChristmasTree I, Duma Cornel Lucian am happy finalist in Ipad eLearning Competition by eFrontLearning and please help me to win a Ipad reading my article : Top 10 Startup Social Media Curation Tools for Social Learning in the Workpace ( Glogster EDU Scoop.itLearnist Pinterest MentorMob Mightybell springpad Zeen . If you like the article after you read it, down of the page are social media sharing buttons ( facebook like , tweeet , share using social media channels )
Mike Nordman

SAP Training for Helping your Business Professionally - 0 views

    The job-market is being competitive for quite some time. The need of an efficient and faster system with multiple altitudes in the field of marketing, finance, and logistics have given birth to Enterprise Resource Planning.

Ways to improve B2B lead quality | eData Scholars - 0 views

    According to a recent market research getting high quality leads continuously is not an easy task. It is very competitive and challenging for B2B marketers. What is a quality lead? A lead quality definition is very different from business to business. The most common thing is that an acceptable percentage of sales enquiries through the marketing campaign and becomes "sales opportunities".
Laura Stansfield

gmailandhotmail: Unblock Your Gmail Account - Avail Gmail Technical Support Service - 0 views

    In today’s technological and competitive world where every personal communication or business seems to be dependent on e-mail accounts, in such situation any minute break could mean a huge loss for someone. Therefore, nothing seems more troubling and irritating than an inaccessible e-mail…
jenifarjaf - 0 views

    How to work: 99 designs are a website, here you can purchase or sell your design with contest your luck. That means if you are a good designer so you can participate competitively in 99,, here you have a great opportunity to win the competition and win lots of money if your design is world class content.
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