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KIDZ Scramble Word Magenet Online Game - 29 views

    This applet creates a 'magnetic poetry' board upon which the user may shift around the words the webpage designer has listed (mouse click and drag a word to move it). Furthermore, the user may modify an existing 'magnet' by SHIFT-clicking on it. Alternately, new magnets may be created by SHIFT-clicking in vacant area of the applet (then type what new letters you want on the magnet piece).
Amanda Kenuam

Online Math Manipulatives | Special Education - 3 views

    "math, math manipulatives, math applets, virtual manipulatives, gizmos"
Fred Delventhal

simple private real-time sharing and collaboration by - 0 views

    an 'applet' from for web-based rich media chat - choose a name, and hit the '' button - you instantly have a real-time, rich media chat feed. simply direct participants to the URL of your chat, and you are able to chat and share any media in line. works with third party clients and on mobile
Jennifer Dorman

Webpages as graphs - an HTML DOM Visualizer Applet - 0 views

    Websites as Graphs
    Use this to create an image of your PLN by plugging in a site where you have friends - Facebook, twitter, etc.
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