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Admission Times

Top 5 Educational Websites - 0 views

    Students are always seeking to get accurate information about admission in college and universities. A lot of factors are involved from shortlisting universities to finally getting into one. Crucial factors like deadline, ranking, scholarships, exams, and application procedure plays a key role in students and parents mind. Here is a list of top 5 educational websites of India which provides a plethora of information about Indian and Overseas institutions. 1) -The sole purpose of this site is to provide accurate and comprehensive information about all the activities under educational domain in India. The site has a lot of readers since 2009 and is doing a great job. 2) - Admission Times is an educational portal which was successfully launched a year back and has become the preferred website for the students as it's a leading source for education news, university information, and educational resources from across the globe . Here you can find rankings, scholarships, application deadline, sop & lor formalities, exam dates, entrance results , Delhi University cut off and procedure to apply and a lot more. 3) - ISC provides a discussion forum where students can ask about any topic covering from entrance examination, educational institutions, previous year question papers and much more . 4) - Ask a query from shiksha expert and a student can be assured of useful advice although recently they are following a monetized model that's what we think of .The education sector is so unorganized in India but shiksha has played a key role in transforming all the information into one place. 5) - MeritNation is the first site which has transformed the learning needs of all the students of classes I to XII of all the educational boards into a unique style of learning where each student according to his learning style and interests can pace their learn
Nigel Coutts

Professional Learning Communities for School Transformation - The Learner's Way - 0 views

    The role of the teacher is slowly but surely changing and with this come new challenges. Change becomes inevitable and processes for managing this and capitalising on the opportunities it brings becomes paramount within organisations. It is perhaps not surprising that educational institutions may evolve to become what are termed 'Learning Organisations' or 'Professional Learning Communities' within which there is a focus on the application of the principles of learning to manage change and explore new opportunities. 
Nigel Coutts

The Emerging Trend of Connected Institutions - The Learner's Way - 0 views

    The book 'Non Obvious' by Rohit Bhargava present an intriguing exploration of how careful observation and thought can reveal emerging trends and as the subtitle suggest 'predict the future'. For educators the ability to identify the trends which will deliver the best outcomes for our students from the noise of fads is alluring. While the talk of new technologies, of learner centric pedagogies and teaching for lifelong learning play the part of the obvious trends in education identifying the non-obvious trend is a more challenging endeavour. 
Jennifer Dorman

eSchoolNews - This fair-use guide offers copyright shelter - 0 views

    Created though a partnership among the Media Education Lab at Temple University, the Center for Social Media at American University (AU), and AU's Washington College of Law, with funding from the MacArthur Foundation, the code identifies five principles of consensus about acceptable practices for the fair use of copyrighted materials, wherever and however it occurs: in K-12 schools, higher-education institutions, nonprofit groups that offer media-education programs for children and youth, and adult-education programs. 1. Employing copyrighted material in media-literacy lessons 2. Employing copyrighted material in preparing curriculum materials 3. Sharing media-literacy curriculum materials 4. Student use of copyrighted materials in their own academic and creative work 5. Developing audiences for student work
Fred Delventhal

History by Era | The Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History - 12 views

    "History by Era" is the Institute's innovative new approach to our shared national history. At its core it is a collection of fifty individual introductions written by some of the most distinguished scholars of our day. It thus speaks to the reader not in one voice, but in fifty different, unique voices as each of these scholars interprets the developments, movements, events, and ideas of a particular era. Each Era follows the same template so that readers can move easily from one to another. An introduction to the time period is followed by essays by leading scholars; primary sources with images, transcripts, and a historical introduction; multimedia presentations by historians and master teachers; interactive presentations; and lesson plans and other classroom resources. Read an Introduction to History by Era from our senior editor, Carol Berkin, for more detailed information.
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